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Takoyaki ( octopus dumplings) Recipe

Takoyaki is a ball shaped Japanese snack. It’s a food that is familiar to many Japanese people. We can eat takoyaki in some supermarkets and some festivals. We can get frozen takoyaki, too. Recently, there are many various of takoyaki flavor in Japan, like cheese, ponzu( Japanese sauce with soy sauce
and citrus vinegar), and so on.
I sometimes make takoyaki at home. Material of takoyaki is simple. We generally need octopus, flour, egg, pickled ginger, and leek.
Takoyaki are made on a special plate for takoyaki.
First, We mix with eggs and flour. And then, pour batter into the pan and drop the ginger and octopus into each batter.
Finally, spread sauce and add mayonnaise and aonori (green laver).

Cuisine #Recipes

Okonomiyaki ( Japanese savory pancake )

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake with various ingredients. It’s a very popular food in Japan especially Kansai or Hiroshima area. That is liked by everyone from children to adults. I love Okonomiyaki, too and I sometimes make for lunch.
The main ingredients are flour, egg, and cabbage. If you can get Japanese yum, It makes a softer texture. And we put in some more ingredients what we like. For example, pork, squid, octopus, shrimp, cheese, leek and so on.
How to make Okonomiyaki is similar to make pancakes. First, mix the ingredients, and pour them into the heated pan.
 And then, bake other side until nice golden brown, too.
Finally , we put okonomiyaki sauce,dried bonito, aonori(green laver),and mayonnaise.

Cuisine #Recipes

Asian pear, called ‘Nashi’

This is Nashi pear also called Japanese pear, Asian pear, Chinese pear and so on.
They are very different from European pears. Asian pears are sweet  juicy gritty texture fruits. They have  a high water content. So It’s good for raw eating,
but It isn’t suitable for making heated recipes like pies, jam, and so on. I like this fresh and juicy taste that can’t be eaten only in the fall.

We generally serve them raw and peeled in Japan.

Cuisine #Recipes

Japanese New Year’s flower decoration.

There are several types of New Year’s flower decoration in Japan. We usually decorate bamboo, pine, and other flowers during the New Year period. Pine, bamboo, and plum trees are taken as good luck in Japan.
First one is ‘Kadomatu’. In the traditional way, Kadomatu are made with pine branches and bamboo. We set a big pair of them in front of the house gate during the New Year period.
But I arranged the traditional way. I made small Kadomatu for putting on the table. I put pine, willow, and chrysanthemum in a bamboo vase.

Japanese New Year’s garland ‘ Shimekazari’

Second one is ‘Shimekazari’ . We decorate it on the door at New Year.
It usually made by good luck charms like bitter orange, ferns, ear of rice plant, and so on. I put green leaves and ear of rice plant to the sacred straw rope. After the New Year’s period, we take the decorations to shrines, and they are burned.

Japanese New Year’s plum trees

Japanese New Year’s kagami-mochi decoration.


Kagami Mochi is a round rice cake that is decorated  New Year in Japan. One of the traditional Japanese New Year’s decoration. We usually need two round mochi( rice cakes), and small Daidai(Japanese bitter orange). We decorate smaller one on the other large one, and put the Daidai on the top.
In Japan, There is the old belief that the year god visits homes at New Year. But recently, Kagamimochi has been  just one of the New Year’s decoration for almost all the people. The cakes are cut and eaten on Janually 11. It’s an event that called ‘Kagami-biraki’.