Chirashizushi for Hinamatsuri (Doll’s festival) in Japan


 About Hinamatsuri (Doll\\\’s festival)

Hinamatsuri is the traditional Japanese festival to pray for young girl\\\’s growth and happiness on March 3rd. It\\\’s also called Doll\\\’s festival or Girl\\\’s festival. On this day, Most families with young daughters display dolls together with peach blossoms, rice cakes, and other items.


When I was a child, Hinamatsuri is one of the most exciting seasonal event for me. I loved looking at beautiful traditional dolls and eating special foods for Hinamatsuri. Common foods for Hinamatsuri are chirashizushi, clam soup, sakuramochi, and white sake.


Chirashizushi is a kind of sushi that served on a plate with colorful toppings. The basic toppings are eggs, shiitake mushrooms, sashimi, flying fish roe, imitation crab meat, Sakura denbu, etc… This time, I put kinshitamago (shredded omelet), picked lotus roots, shredded snow peas, nori seaweed, and ikura (salmon roe) on sushi rice.



The Hamaguri clam soup called \\\\\\\\\’ushiojiru\\\\\\\\\’ is served at hinamaturi. But I couldn\\\\\\\\\’t get hamaguri clam, so I made dashi based soup with sardine balls seasoned with salt and soy sauce. It looks simple, but it tastes nice, because containing deeply umami flavor from dried bonito, kombu seaweed, and sardine.


Sakuramochi is a kind of wagashi (Japanese confectionery) made by sweet rice cake, red bean paste. They are wrapped with Sakura leaves (cherry blossom leaves) pickled in salt. The salts of Sakura leaves match well the sweetness of bean paste.

Some more information about Sakura, see older posts about Sakura.

Sweets for hinamatsuri

There are several sweets for hinamatsuri like Hina-Arare (grilled bits of rice cake), kompeito (small colored candy), Higashi (dry sweets), etc.. They look very cute!

Sweets for hinamatsuri

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