Crispy and Tender Tonkatsu: Japanese Pork Cutlet Recipe

Tonkatsu is a Japanese deep-fried pork cutlet. It’s a very popular food and has some variations as served on Japanese curry (Katsu curry), served with egg (Katudon), and sandwich fillings (Katsu Sando). Tonkatsu usually served with super thin shredded cabbage, boiled rice, miso soup, tonkatsu sauce, karashi (Japanese mustard), sesame, and so on. We can enjoy the crisp outside and the tender inside. Deep taste of Tonkatsu is a good match with boiled rice and the cabbage’s plain taste.

Recipe: Tonkatsu (2servings)


• 2 pieces pork loin or fillet
• Salt (to your taste)
• Pepper (to your taste)
• Flour, as needed
• 1 Egg
Panko (bread crumbs) as needed
• Frying oil
• Cabbage as needed (optional)

Sauce (optional)
Tonkatsu sauce
• Lemon
Karashi (Japanese mustard)
• Ground sesame
Ponzu for cabbage


1, Making shredded cabbage (optional). Slice the cabbage super thin with slicer, immerse in ice water for about 5 minutes to make it fresh, and cut moisture well with strainer or paper towel.

2, Remove the extra fat of pork, and stick a fork or a knife into the entire pork well to prevent the pork from shrinking.
3, Pound the meat with a meat pounder or a back of knife. Season with salt and pepper. Form it back into original shape.
4, Coat the pork with flour, and remove excess flour. Dip in the beaten egg, then coat the pork with bread crumbs.
5, Heat the oil to 350°F (180℃). Put the pork gently into the pan, fry it for about 3-4minutes, then turn it over and fry until golden brown, about 2minutes.
 6, Let the oil drip off, cut into bite size pieces, served with sliced cabbage and sauce.
• Fresh and bigger flake panko (breadcrumbs) is better than dried one for Tonkatsu. Because fresh panko makes it crisper texture. If you don’t have fresh panko, spray dried panko with mist water.

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