Japanese Popular Beer – Yebisu Beer


My favorite Japanese beer is a series of YEBISU beer that made by Sapporo beer. YEBISU beer was first brewed in 1887. According to a label statement, BLACK YEBISU is the ‘Premium Roast Malt’ roasted with care, sends out the deep taste and grand roasted scent. Silk YEBISU is brewed with wheat malt, fine barley malt and select hops for an elegant flavor and creamy ” smooth as silk” taste. YEBISU is a rich and mellow premium beer brewed from 100% fine malt and select hops with Sapporo’s traditional art.
Each YEBISU has the feature, so I choose it according to the kind of meals. I think BLACK YEBISU has deep taste, so it’s good to drink with deep fried meals etc. SILK YEBISU has refined taste and herbal smell, I usually drink it with Washoku (Japanese traditional dish).
I loved this limited edition – KOHAKU YEBISU, too. KOHAKU means amber in Japanese. It tastes deep, but very smooth.  It hasn’t been sold recently. I hope it’ll be sold one more time!

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