[Recipe] Green tea and Sake Mojito Cocktail


The mojito is one of my favorite summer cocktail. Sometimes I arrange Mojito with some fruit like mango, kiwi fruit, peach, etc. The Green tea, Sake mojito is also arranged  mojito. It has the fresh taste and rich flavor of green tea and sake. If you like green tea flavor, you might love it.

There are several types of green tea in Japan. Types of tea are graded depending on the parts of the plant and quality. In this recipe, I recommend to use Maccha (powdered green tea), but, If you can’t get Maccha, you can use all kinds of green tea leaves or a green tea bag. The color and taste will be a little bit different by types of tea. Matcha (powdered green tea) has a deep green color and strong flavor. Green tea has a refreshing taste and light yellowish green color. I usually use them according to feeling.

Sake is an alcoholic beverage that made from fermented rice. The most sake contains 15-20% alcohol by volume. There are several types of sake graded depending on the ingredients and rice-polishing ratio. In this recipe, you can use almost all kinds of sake.

Recipe: Green tea Mojito


Ingredients (1 servings)
* 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
* 3-5 mint leaves
* 2 tablespoons sugar (use your favorite sweetness)
* 1/4 cup strong brewed maccha or green tea
* 2 tablespoons sake or 2 tablespoons white rum
* soda, as needed
* 1-2 mint leaves for garnish

1, Brew up a 1/4 cup of strong Macha or green tea. Dissolve sugar in the brewed hot green tea.

2, Put the mint leaves on the tall glass, bruise leaves for the flavors release. Muddle the lime juice, mint leaves, white rum, green tea, and ice together in a tall glass.

3,  Pour soda, and stir lightly, and garnish with mint and lime.

1, If someone doesn’t drink alcohol, leave out the sake. It becomes a nice nonalcohol cocktail.

2, If you can’t get sake, you can use the white rum instead of sake. The taste will be a little different, but you can enjoy the fresh taste of green tea.


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