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homemade japanese sukiyaki recipe

Easy Japanese Sukiyaki Recipe

Today’s Japanese sukiyaki recipe is a cooking experience you will definitely enjoy. Better yet, it’s simple and incredibly delicious. It’s a delicious and traditional Japanese dish which can be enjoyed at any occasion. For the Japanese, Sukiyaki is one of many meals that can be cooked at the table and enjoyed together. During winter months, …

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Kare Pan Curry bread Recipe

A delicious Curry-filling, with a fluffy-chewy texture, plus a crispy Panko breading: this is Japanese Curry bread, or Kare Pan and is one of the favorite pieces in Japanese bakeries! If you are a big Fan of Japanese Curry, then you should definitely try these heavenly buns. The best thing about Kare Pan? For me, …

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Ginnan: Ginkgo Nuts

A ginkgo nut is a seed of a ginkgo tree . They called Ginnan in Japanese.  They put ginkgo nuts into chawanmushi ( egg custard steamed in a cup) in Japan. They have a glossy beautiful color and a slightly bitter taste.