Shiitake Bacon with Black Rice Recipe

shiitake bacon


Shiitake bacon, black rice and garlic

From fresh Shiitake mushrooms you can prepare delicious vegan “bacon” – did you know? I didn’t know, I got the tip from Torwen. :- ) Shiitake mushrooms are full of Umami, the” fleshy ” taste, ultimately it is not very surprising that they taste so good. One can prepare the mushrooms in two ways as “meat”: once really crispy, very bacon-like (for this they should be grilled on a grate) or more like small, spicy pieces of meat, here they should be baked together with the Marinade. For the bacon taste is liquid smoke responsible-who does not have this, I’m sure, that it will be without not bad, just not so much remember Bacon.

I served the” bacon ” with sweet, toasted peppers(not spicy) and spicy, black rice. Black rice was formerly called “forbidden Rice”(forbidden rice), because of its rarity and health benefits, it was reserved only to the Chinese emperor and banned for ordinary people, hence the Name. Black rice contains 18 different Amniosäuren, carotenes, iron, zinc, vitamins, and is similar to natural rice rich in ballast substances, the Chinese believe that it is good for the stomach, the liver, and the kidneys.

Today, black rice is no longer” forbidden”; -), but still relatively rare and thus a little more expensive, especially delicious is the black round grain rice from Japan. Unfortunately, this is no longer available at all, but a good replacement is the also black Piedmont rice. Since it is a whole grain rice, it must be soaked for several hours, then it can be prepared in the rice cooker, for example with some dried mushrooms and Kombu, after cooking I still use fresh, mixed herbs, garlic, a little Butter(Alsan) and salt. Normally, it is not very usual just pure to cook black rice, because it is not very favorable, mixed it more with other rice varieties(such as white or brown), white rice gets an interesting violet colour.

In the photos, both rice varieties are to be seen, once the Japanese Kurogome(red plate) and the Piedmont rice(white plate), I have prepared this dish twice, because I wanted to find out whether the mushroom “bacon” is made from mushrooms is feasible. Unfortunately, it did not work so well, although the mushrooms were very tasty, but they did not have this intense bacon taste like the Shiitake. Fresh Shiitake, by the way, is almost always in the reform House or Bioladen, I refer them to the eco-Box (Organic Vegetables Abo).

Shiitake Bacon with Sancho pepper

200g fresh Shiitake mushrooms
3 tbsp cold-pressed olive or rapeseed oil
1 tbsp toasted sesame oil
2 El Shoyu
Pinch Of Sucanat Sugar
1 clove of garlic, finely grated
1 tbsp liquid smoke)
Japanese Sanshō pepper, optional

Make a Marinade from the ingredients and put the mushrooms in it, it should be at least an hour, the mushrooms suck properly with the Marinade full. A whole tablespoon of liquid smoke may appear at first glance as quite a lot – but it is really not, the Aroma is spread well and is not too intense at all.

After marinating, preheat the oven to 200°C and bake the mushrooms on a lightly oiled grate for 10 minutes crispy (place a bowl under it to catch the dripping liquid, this is delicious and you can mix it with the rice for example). For the “meat pieces” variant, cook the mushrooms on a baking sheet, here they are cooked in their own juice(also tastes very good). Sprinkle with a little Sancho pepper and serve immediately (the Aroma of Japanese pepper is excellent here: -)).

If you want to try the dish with mushrooms, they should be cooked on the grate, as these mushrooms contain much more moisture than Shiitake. Another possibility would also be to try other mushrooms, for example, rock or oyster mushrooms.

Black rice with fresh herbs

1 cup black Piedmont rice or Japanese Kokumai
1.5 Cups Of Water
1 Piece Combo
1 handful of dried forest mushrooms, small cut
2 El Shoyu
2 Tbsp Alsan Butter
1 small clove of garlic, rubbed
2-3 spring onion or chives

Fresh Herbs(Parsley, Basil, Lemon Balm, Coriander…)

Which herbs you want to use depends on your own taste, I took what the garden so gave: -). If you use good, dried forest or mixed mushrooms, Kombu is not absolutely necessary.

Wash the rice briefly in cold water and soak in 1.5 cups of water for several hours(at least 3 hours or overnight). Add to the rice cooker and cook softly (more on the topic of preparing rice in the rice cooker), black rice is always crisp from the consistency (with bite). After the rice is cooked, add finely grated garlic, Alsan, Shoyu and salt, mix well, then add the finely chopped herbs and spring onions, serve immediately.

Roasted red peppers

This way prepared peppers are incredibly good, very tasteful, sweet and aromatic, one of my absolute favorites. The preparation is not difficult, but it is best made from peppers (picture), the other varieties contain too much water.

The peppers (depending on the size so 2-3 pieces per Person) are roasted at 200°C in the oven(on the grate) until they are almost black. Take it out, put it in a bowl, cover it (e.g. with a plate) and let it cool, so the skin can be easily removed, then remove the core housing and cut into strips / pieces and enjoy. Either with the rice mix, or as in the photo, along with the cooked mushrooms on a skewer stuck, or just so pure, they fit very many dishes, as a vegetable side dish. If necessary, sprinkle with a little salt, but this is not necessary.

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