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We’re looking for fellow bloggers to contribute to We’re currently looking for:

  • Japanese/ Asiatic Recipes posts
  • How-to & instructional posts
  • Guides & “Introduction to [topic]” posts

If you’re interested, please read the contributor guidelines below, and then fill out the Writer Application form.

Contributor Guidelines

The posts fall into two categories:

1 – Guest Post:

For bloggers that want to expose their content with a link to their website and aren’t promoting a product or business, we will publish the content without any exchange, although we have quality standards for accepting that type of work.

In general we want to see the following from guest posts:

  • Be Thorough – Our best posts are 700 to 2000 words or longer
  • Unique non plagiarized content
  • Make it Practical & Applicable – make it relevant for our readers and include lots of useful tips.
  • Show, Don’t Tell – include unique or custom images that haven’t been used elsewhere, video, or other multimedia.
  • Write Clearly – Grammar free errors.
  • Prove It – use lots of cited and helpful resources, including other content on JapanFoodStyle and elsewhere on the web
  • Relevant To Your Expertise – write about topics that you have direct experience with
  • The website you’re linking too should be relevant to JapanFoodStyle topic.

2 – Sponsored post:

If you’re looking to write a post where you want to include links to something you’re promoting ( a product or a business), we charge from 15 u s d per one sponsored post.

This generally applies to the following types of writers:

  • You own/work for a company and are blogging to promote it.
  • You run a blog that sells ebooks, courses, services, or other revenue other than banner ads.
  • You work with a marketing agency and are promoting a client.

Same post criteria above apply to this kind of posts.

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