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Japanese Oyakodon Recipe

Photo by avlxyz Oyakodon is a great dish that is very easy to put together when you are craving some authentic Japanese food. Oyako means “mother and child” or in this case, the chicken and egg. This dish  was always made in a large volume for a group of people, but you can prepare this …

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Kyoho Grapes

 Kyoho is an end-of-summer fruit in Japan . There are aromatic flavor and juicy sweetness in it.

Hoshigaki: Dried Persimmon

  In the winter, we can get dried persimmons in Japan. Dried persimmons are made in several countries in Asia. They are made from the astringent persimmon called “Shibugaki” which cannot be eaten raw. They are covered with white powder. That white powder is sugar of persimmons. Sugar of persimmons crystallizes the powder to the white surface.

Daifuku: Rice Cake Stuffed with Sweet Beans Recipe

  This is a Daifuku. Daifuku is a Japanese confection that small rice cake stuffed with mainly sweet bean paste. There are several varieties of Daifuku like  mugwort (yomogi daifuku), strawberry (ichigodaifuku), azuki beans  (mame daifuku ), salty taste, and Japanese apricot and so on. The rice cake of ” Echigo Turuya ” is very soft and inner bean jam isn’t too sweet. …

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Japanese Yuzu: Citrus Fruit

  Yuzu is a citrus fruit originating in East Asia. Yuzu’s surface is uneven and it has a nice aromatic flavor different from other citrus flavor. In Japan, It used a variety of ways for cuisines, cosmetics, fragrance, bath, and so on. Yuzuyu: yuzu in the bath There is a custom that called Yuzuyu. People take a bath …

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Asian pear, called ‘Nashi’

This is Nashi pear also called Japanese pear, Asian pear, Chinese pear and so on. They are very different from European pears. Asian pears are sweet  juicy gritty texture fruits. They have  a high water content. So It’s good for raw eating, but It isn’t suitable for making heated recipes like pies, jam, and so …

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