TokyoTreat Japanese Snack Box Review (Sakura Spring Month)

TokyoTreat review

At Japan Food Style, we love Japanese snacks!

Today, We received a package from TokyoTreat, a famous Japanese subscription-based service that delivers you a box full of unique and fun Japanese candies and snacks every month. Each box has a hand-picked collection of Japanese snacks.

With the mission slogan “We don’t want to just share the coolest and craziest Japanese snacks and candy every month -we want to give you a taste of modern life in Japan!“,  the company based in Tokyo Japan, has been launched in 2015 by Tokyo native Ayumi. It has some interesting brand sisters, like Sacurako for Japanese snack & candy boxes, yumeTwins for Japanese Kawaii boxes, and nmnl for beauty boxes from Japan and Korea.

The April 2023 box we received was about sakura picnic party, since cherry blossoms are blooming all over Japan in this period.

Tokyo Treat Japanese Snack Box Review (April Box)

Fist of all, the delivery was fast, 5 days express delivery as stated  in the company website.

The package has attractive colors and design and it’s relatively big compared to other monthly snacks boxes from other companies

TokyoTreat reviewTokyoTreat review


The box contains 15 different Japanese snacks (all Vegetarian Friendly unless two crackers snacks with shrimp flavor) , with one detailed snack guide, and one postal card.

The Snack Guide:

A very well designed manual that contains an introduction about cherry blossom arrival season and Hanami, a Japanese tradition of welcoming spring with bento boxes that are shared under the cherry blossoms. The guide  also contains all the informations about the snacks; allergens and more.

It’s the first item you find once you open the box.

TokyoTreat review TokyoTreat review

The snacks:

All snacks are mentioned on Tokyotreat website, even before the shipping of the box each month. Existing and new customers can know exactly what the upcoming box will contain.

Now, let’s discover the box components:

1) KitKat Peach

Very yummy mini kitkats, with savory peach cream flavor, enveloped in white chocolate.

TokyoTreat review TokyoTreat review

2) Sakura Manju

Very soft pastry, made from rice floor and filled with cherry blossom flavored sweet bean paste, tastes so good!

TokyoTreat review

Pink rice crackers made with real cherry blossom leaves, with a shrimp flavor.

They taste quite good, not too salty with a sakura after taste feeling.

4) Sakura Matcha cookie bites

Small cookies, filled with a delicious sakura cream, you can taste matcha flavor as well, great combination!TokyoTreat review TokyoTreat review


5) Piri-Kara spicy Ramen

TokyoTreat review TokyoTreat review TokyoTreat review

6) Strawberry king cider

Made with Amaou strawberries. The taste is acidic, not too sweet, more like cider than soda or juice.

tokyotreat review

7) Sakura Cherry Candy

Hard candies, flavored with famous Sato Nishiki cherries, taste like candies!

TokyoTreat review

8) Premium Ghana Truffle

Who doesn’t like truffles!

Yummy, creamy and taste like traditionnel milk chocolate truffles.

TokyoTreat review

9)Ghana chocolate cake bites

Soft chocolate snack, tastes good, delicious cream inside.

TokyoTreat review

10) Mini Caplico

Mini cones, comes in two, sakura flavor and strawberry flavor, they have chocolate at the bottom of the cone. Cute shape and nice taste.

TokyoTreat review TokyoTreat review TokyoTreat review


11) Sour paper candy cola

Cola flavor chewy candy, like the old popular ones.

TokyoTreat review


12) Kuppy Ramune

Yummy tiny candies, each piece has a different flavor (orange, lemon, strawberry…)

TokyoTreat review

13) Texas corn okonomiyakiTokyoTreat review

14) Full moon pon cracker

Soy sauce flavored rice cracker. crunchy and salty

TokyoTreat review

15) Cola lollipop dipper

Cola flavor lollipop with a lemon powder in the bag, lick the lollipop and dip it into the powder for a sweet sour taste.

TokyoTreat review

Final Thoughts

We loved this TokytoTreat spring box, it’s tasty, different and unique.

If we have to give a mark per ten , it will be 9/10 for the overall aspects ( shipping, delivery, packaging, design, snacks choices and taste).

Cheers and see you soon in another review from JapanFoodStyle 😉