Sugoi Mart Japanese Snacks and Utensils Package Review

sugoi mart review

At Japanfoodstyle, we always love to review Japanese products, from delicious snacks, to “made in Japan” cookware. Japan is known for its high-quality products that are made with precision and attention to detail. Japanese products are often associated with quality, durability, and innovation.

Japanese snacks are known for their unique flavors and textures. They are often made with high-quality ingredients and are carefully crafted to create a delicious and satisfying snack experience.

Some of the most popular Japanese snacks include Pocky, KitKat, Senbei, Jagariko, Tokyo Banana, and Kinoko no Yama. Japanese snacks are often available in different flavors and varieties that are not available anywhere else in the world.

Today, we received a package from Sugoi Mart, a Japanese online shop to everything Japan has to offer from food and snacks, to drinks, collectibles, appliances, beauty, games, and more.

The shipping was so fast (3 days), the package included the following items:

Sugoi Mart reviewSugoi mart review Sugoi Mart review

The Rice Maker Mug:

It’s a solid porcelain mug, that can be used to boil rice, as a container, and also for herbal teas (to keep the heat longer)

It has a large size, a robust shape, and a classic design that can match every kitchen.

sugoi mart review

Doritos chips avocado flavor

The cheesy typical flavor of a classic Doritos with a hint of avocado flavor that gives it more depth and quite a good refreshing taste, the green color as a reference to avocado makes it really unique for a Doritos.

I don’t think this flavor exists anywhere else except Japan!

sugoi mart review

Maki container:

This small maki container that will eventually make the maki making process easy.

We will post an update with photos on how to use it while preparing maki.

sugoi mart review

Matcha powder / Wasabi

The famous matcha powder from its origin ; Japan.

sugoi mart reviewI made yummy matcha cookies with it, with almond floor, it tasted amazing. Wasabi paste was also a part of the package so I can accompany maki.

The Sugoi Mart Lucky Bag:

This llucky bag contained the 10 following snacks:

sugoi mart review

KitKat Banana Caramel

So Yummy, I love it!

The taste of the banana is more predominant than the caramel , so this would definitely be a great snack for banana lovers , mixed with the original chocolate taste of an og kitkat

Sugoi mart review

Pocky Sakura Matcha

Another delicious sweet snack. The mix of the matcha and sakura combined flavors gives it a nice and unique taste without it being overly sweet.

Sugoi mart review Pringles Premium

An exquisite and distinct truffles flavors which completely justifies the premium quality of the product.

Sugoi mart reviewLipton Sakura tea

Tastes so nice, the sakura season is here, so this Lipton tea was at the time.

sugoi mart review


A soft and bouncy snack with a hint of sweetness from the added sprinkled sugar on top

Fish cake snack:

Crunchy and sweet, filled with a chocolate paste, the design is cute, great for kids.

sugoi mart review

The bag also contained: 2 marshmallow candies, Redbull Japanese version ocean blue and gummies.

Final Thoughts

We loved this Sugoi Mart box, the snacks were tasty, different and unique.

If we have to give a mark per ten , it will be 8/10 for the overall aspects ( shipping, delivery, snacks choices and taste, utensils).

Cheers and see you soon in another review from JapanFoodStyle┬á­čśë