6 Best Japanese tea set list

Japanese tea set
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Japanese tea setTea has got very high significant value in the life of Japanese people. It is a very important part of their culture and they don’t drink it just for fun like other nations.

They have got a very strong belief in the powers of the tea. Japanese arrange tea ceremonies for their guests and they believe that it will increase bonding between host and the guest and they gain inner peace through it.

Japanese tea ceremonies have always got the eyes of many people around the world because they make their arrangements so special that it looks like a very attractive and soothing party.

The most eye-catching thing in their tea ceremonies is their tea sets. Japanese tea sets have so many different and beautiful designs that everyone wishes to have in their kitchen.

Now, Japanese tea sets are becoming famous around the world due to their unique appearances. People around the globe buy these sets for their homes to add beautifications as well as to have a wonderful tea time.

But, buying a Japanese tea set is never an easy decision. There is a huge variety of Japanese tea sets online and it seems near to impossible to decide which set you should buy.

Do you want to buy a Japanese tea set but can’t decide which one is best for you? Lo and Behold! The solution to your problem is over here.

Let’s discuss few best Japanese tea sets that you would want for your kitchen

Here are our top picks:

  1. Best overall: Blue Dragonfly Tombo Pottery Tea Set (See current price)
    The beautiful and vibrant red-colored tea set makes a perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries.
  2. Best budget : TOVACU Japanese Style Cast Iron Teapot (See current price)
    This cast iron tea set is a great fit for your budget.
  3. Best health-wise:  Japanese Cast Iron Pot Tea Set w/Trivet (See current price)
    The heavy-duty iron cast tea set releases iron to enhance the production of blood.
  4. Best design: Ufine Blue Floral Cast Iron Teapot Set (See current price)
    The intricate floral detailing on the set makes it the best design-wise.
  5. Best for gifting: Japanese Mino ware Pottery Tea Pot (See current price)
    The vibrant colored affordable tea set is a great fit for your budget.
  6. Best for daily use: Tombo Dragonfly Blue Glazed Ceramic Tea Pot (See current price)
    This glazed ceramic tea set is perfect for your daily tea time because it is safe from harmful chemicals.

Best overall: Blue Dragonfly Tombo Pottery Tea Set

Japanese tea setThe amazing blue color of this Japanese tea set with a dragonfly on it beautifully complements each other. This tea set comes with a teapot of 22 ounces and 4 teacups of 5 ounces each.

They are made of ceramic which gives a feel of luxury and their beautiful design is a delight for the eyes. It is curated by highly professional craftsmen who can achieve such unique and vibrant designs and colors.

This tea set that is made in Japan, can be used in the display of the kitchen for decoration purposes. The teapot comes with a wooden handle which makes it easier to pour the hot tea into teacups.

They are a great gift option for weddings, birthdays, or housewarming parties. This set can be of great use during tea parties because it will enhance the vibe of any party. So, if you are hosting a tea party you can impress your guests using this tea set.

The teapot has a durable wooden handle which makes the pouring easier. They might get broken while delivering.
They are microwave and freezer safe. You have to be extra careful while using them because ceramic can break with rough usage.
They can be washed in a dishwasher but hand washing is still recommended.

Best budget: TOVACU Japanese Style Cast Iron Teapot

Japanese tea set
This three-dimensional vivid and beautiful tea set which is made of iron helps in preventing anemia, since it is made of iron. It can be placed directly on the stove and the water can be heated.

The water boiled in becomes sweet and iron-rich which boosts the production of red blood cells. There is an enamel coating inside the pot and it is very easy to clean. It can be a beautiful addition to your tea parties.

It is suitable for a variety of stoves The cups are too small
It comes with a free trivet and fork The stainer does not perform well.
It comes with a built-in infuser to steep tea leaves.


Best health-wise: Japanese Cast Iron Pot Tea Set w/Trivet

Japanese tea setThis heavy cast iron tea set is aesthetically pleasing and performs great according to its functionality. The set includes a 26 ounces teapot along with a trivet and 4 cups.

This tea set has a nail head design that presents the traditional Japanese culture. Since it is made of cast iron it can efficiently retain heat and the tea remains hot for a long time.

It also enhances the aroma of the tea making it even more special. There is an enamel coating inside to prevent rust. It comes with a stainless steel mesh infuser to steep the loose tea leaves.

Water can be heated directly on the stovetop by putting the teapot but remember do not put an empty teapot on the stove.

Water can be heated in the teapot directly. The teacups are too small.
It is non-rustable. Even if it is a Japanese-style tea set, it is made in China.
It can be used for a long time

Best design: Ufine Blue Floral Cast Iron Teapot Set

Japanese tea set With the eye-catching blue color with intricate floral details, this tea set can be a great option for gifting purposes. It comes with a trivet and fork and there are four 2.4 oz cups.

Since it is made of iron it can be put directly on many different types of stoves and it quickly heats the water and release some iron as well. These types of iron-based sets have many health benefits which are why they are even more valuable in Japanese culture.

There is an enamel coating inside the set which protects it from rust and cleaning is also very easy. It is a heavy-duty tea set that can be used in daily life because it is durable and long lasting. It is a pure masterpiece of its craftsmen.

 It can be used in daily life The enamel in the cups might get chipped off.
It is durable and does not damage easily The cups get very hot and become difficult to hold.
Releases iron in the water which boosts the production of blood.

Best for gifting: Japanese Mino ware Pottery Tea Pot

Japanese tea set

The beautiful and vibrant red sakura tea set made in Japan is a must to add some fun and happy vibes to your tea time.

The size of the teapot is 23 ounces and it comes with only two teacups of 7 ounces each. The teapot comes with a rattan handle which makes it easy to hold and pour the tea.

The design of the set is so unique there are Japanese motifs printed on it. There is a stainless stainer in the teapot which is very helpful to pour the tea.

They are made of high-quality ceramics which has been tested for all the food and safety concerns. This set is ideal for gifting purposes and they also add beauty to your tea parties.

This set is microwave and freezer safe There are only 2 cups with the pot and you cannot buy separate cups.
It is dishwasher safe and can be washed in it. This set cannot be used in tea parties of  more than 2 people.
There is a stainless stainer inside the pot.

Best for daily use: Tombo Dragonfly Blue Glazed Ceramic Tea Pot

Japanese tea setMade of the highest quality ceramic porcelain, this beautiful “made in Japa” tea set comes in an amazing gift box. The visually appealing design and color add beauty and warmth to your tea time.

This set has been fired at a high temperature to ensure the strength of the teapot and teacups. These are resistant to any cracks and stains so they can be easily used in daily life.

In its making, cadmium or lead are not used and they are made according to high food grade standards. These cannot be microwaved with the stainer intact, after removing the stainer and wooden handle they can be microwaved.

There are 20 ounces teapot with 4 teacups and a stainless strainer attached inside the teapot. They are dishwasher safe, but it is recommended to hand wash them.

Visually and aesthetically pleasing The size of the teapot is quite small
No harmful chemicals are used while manufacturing this product Can break while delivering.
It is a stain-resistant set


  1. How do you use a Japanese tea set?

Japanese tea sets are quite easy to use. Just pour hot water and tea into the pot and let it infuse a bit and then pour it into the cups and enjoy your tea. They are mostly very easy to clean as well.

  1. Why do Japanese teacups have no handles?

It has been in Japanese culture since forever because they believe that you get to enjoy the warmth of tea more when there are no handles on the cups.

  1. What should I look for in a tea set?

When buying a tea set you should check its durability and sturdiness. If you are picky about shapes and designs then it is also a thing to look out for.


Tea is a commonly liked hot beverage across the world due to its amazing health benefits. But in Japan, they give extreme impotance to the tea owing to which they came up with unique tea sets that represent their culture and love for tea.

Even if you are not Japanese, you might want to buy their tea sets because of their beautiful designs and styles. So, we have provided you with some of the best options available in the market from which you can choose and enjoy your tea time.