8 Best Japanese Matcha Bowl – A complete Guide

japanese matcha bowl
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japanese matcha bowlAre you finding it challenging to select the best Japanese matcha bowl? Finding a perfect Chawan is not easy as it all comes down to your personality, mood, and aesthetic style. Now the matcha bowl is super hot, and you face loads of different Chawans sold online.

You want a beautiful look and hold with a reasonable price and outstanding customer reviews. Luckily, we have taken all the hard work to find the best Japanese Chawan bowls for you. With these bowls, you can find a perfect Zen to sip your favorite tea.

List of the Best Japanese Matcha Bowls

Holding the best Japanese matcha bowl in your hands, raising it to your lips to sip small portions of Matcha tea is a delight. The bowl is enormous enough to hold a bit of tea, allowing you to experience a traditional tea ceremony. So if you want to keep the Japanese tradition alive, let these Chawan continue to appeal to you in the comfort of your home.

#1 Best Matcha Bowl with Spout

ELITEA Matcha Green Tea Bowl

japanese matcha bowl If you are a tea enthusiast in need of a tea bowl based on shape, straightness, or a specific slope of the sides, we have one that will make its presence stand out on your tea table. The ELITEA is a professional tool for preparing matcha that offers you convenience with a spout.

The spout helps you to pour your tea into a cup quickly without spilling. Furthermore, it is made in 1300-degree C to help remove hazardous substances and handmade with a vintage design. Not only is it safe to use but made out of clay to provide the best tea taste.

Main Features

  • Made with clay and a pouring spout
  • Handmade and baked at 1300° C
  • Diameter 6.1-inches with a height of 2.76-inches
  • Need to hand wash with soapy water


  • Plenty of room to make matcha
  • Large enough to make tea for two
  • The spout makes pouring easy


  • No concerns with the product making it one of the best matcha tea bowl.

Final Thoughts

While the matcha bowl does not come from Japan, it still makes an excellent addition to any tea ceremony. It will become your preferred matcha bowl when it comes to preparing your favorite tea.

#2 Best Genuine Japanese Chawan

Rabbit Kutani Yaki Matcha Bowl

japanese matcha bowlNothing comes more original than this Chawan made in Ishikawa, Japan. The bowl has a gray color with a cute rabbit design that surely will fit in with any tea ceremony. It stands 2.6-inches high with a diameter of 4.3-inches, perfect for mixing your green tea powder.

The craftsmanship is breathtaking and perfect for a mini-splurge. You can even present the matcha bowl as gifts as it arrives wrapped in brown paper with a wooden box. The bowl is slightly thick yet sturdy with a tad of heft to it. You can use it for drinking your tea or just as a display.

Main Features

  • Made with porcelain
  • Rabbit gray design
  • Height 2.6-inches with a 4.3-inch diameter


  • Affordable price
  • Gorgeous design
  • Large enough to mix your matcha tea


  • Quality control concerns during shipping

Final Thoughts

This is the best Japanese matcha bowl with an authentic design. You can place it on display as it compliments any home. The size is medium and fits comfortably in the palm. You can even use it for serving dessert or side dishes if you like.

#3 Best Shigaraki Oribe Chawan

Japanese Handcrafted Matcha Bowl

japanese matcha bowlThe matcha bowl has a porcelain design baked at a high temperature that is thin and lightweight. With this Chawan, you get traditionally styled pottery that is microwavable and dishwasher safe. You can use it for drinking green tea or any other beverage you like.

The detail and color are outstanding to fit in with any tea collection you have. One thing you will agree with when using the matcha tea bowl it makes you happy. Enjoy wabi-sabi feel with the weight and size to make your guests feel special.

Main Features

  • Made with porcelain
  • Weight 400 grams
  • Height 2.9-inches with a 4.7-inch diameter
  • Microwavable and dishwasher safe


  • Prices reasonable
  • Durable and beautiful
  • Large enough to whisk up some matcha tea


  • While it is dishwasher safe, we recommend washing it by hand

Final Thoughts

You will not be disappointed when adding this matcha tea bowl to your collection. So if you crave matcha-flavored items, this is the best Japanese Chawan tea bowl on the list. So treat your guests to one of the most refined tea rituals right in your home.

#4 Best Chawan Bowl Set

BambooMN Matcha Bowl Set

japanese matcha bowlExperience the natural feeling of preparing your matcha tea using this Chawan set. Included is a bamboo whisk with a ceramic bowl, ceramic rest, bamboo teaspoon, bamboo tray, and a bamboo Chasaku. You can use the set to whip up the best cup of matcha for your guests.

Enjoy an authentic Japanese tea experience, as each of the items is handmade, presenting you with a unique style. Now you can create a full-bodied taste when taking your first warm sip. Take pleasure from the earthy and wholesome smooth taste with a hint of sweetness to get you instantly hooked.

Main Features

  • Made with bamboo wood and ceramic
  • Complete Chawan set comprising a whisk, bowl, rest, teaspoon, tray, and Chasaku
  • A perfect combination of function and style


  • Durable and stylish
  • Nice rest included keeping the whisk in shape
  • Provides you the best tea ceremony experience


  • Minor complaints that the bowl has a toxic design

Final Thoughts

Create a perfect cup with these tools from the traditional bamboo whisk to the ceramic bowl. With the matcha brush, you create an ideal tea as the soft brush provides a perfect consistency to make your tea taste great.

#5 Best Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony Bowl

Cherry Blossom Matcha Bowl Design

japanese matcha bowlNothing comes more authentic than this Chawan tea bowl with a cherry blossom design. The bowl comes handcrafted from Japan and has the standard size measuring 3.75-inches in diameter with a height of 2.5-inches.

The capacity is an 8-fluid ounce and made with quality clay with a painted finish providing attention to detail. The ceramic bowl is of high-quality standards and made for the health-conscious person. Further, it makes for a perfect gift for family, friends, and loved ones.

Main Features

  • Made with ceramic and painted with cherry blossoms
  • Diameter of 3.75-inches
  • Height 2.5-inches
  • Capacity 8 fluid ounce


  • Perfect gift
  • Affordable price
  • Durable and easy to hold in the palm


  • Smaller than expected

Final Thoughts

This is the best Japanese matcha bowl for whisking up your tea. While it does not have a slight dip in the rim to allow for no-mess pouring, it remains ideal for holding in the palm preparing your delicious healthy tea.

#6 Best for Matcha Tea Ceremony

Tealyra Ceramic Bowl

japanese matcha bowl Have you ever tried making Japanese green tea? Not then; you need this Japanese Chawan tea bowl to whisk the matcha powder in water. You can enjoy a traditional tea ceremony with the matcha bowl to give you the best Japanese tea experience. There are various styles available for you to find, and it has a five-inch diameter with a height of three inches. Whether you want to prepare tea or serve soup to pudding, this bowl works all the time perfectly.

Main Features

  • Made with ceramic
  • Height 3-inches
  • Diameter 5-inches
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe


  • Authentic
  • Durable design
  • Versatile to use for anything


  • Some users wish it was prettier

Final Thoughts

Once you start using this matcha bowl from Japan, it will become your preferred Chawan. It has an authentic design with a rough texture. The bottom’s width is suitable for whisking and allows you to whisk up some matcha powder fast.

#7 Best Handmade Japanese Matcha Bowl

Artcome Japanese Matcha Tea Set

japanese matcha bowl
Enjoy the artistic life partaking in the matcha tea ceremony with friends using this bamboo Chawan set. The tea whisk comprises bamboo used for more than 500 years to create traditional Japanese tea. The whisk is ultra-lightweight, making it an ideal matcha tool.

You receive the whisk, scoop, bowl, ceramic whisk holder, scoop holder, tea cloth, and the matcha powder strainer. The first step is cleaning the bowl and using the scoop to take two to three matcha scoops and sift them in the bowl.

Then you pour your boiling water and mix the powder with the whisk to create a dense foam. After enjoying your tea, add hot water to the bowl to clean the whisk and place it in the provided holder. Clean the bowl with water and dry it with your tea towel.

Main Features

  • Complete bamboo matcha set with ceramic place holders
  • Seven-piece set made up of the whisk, bowl, scoop, whisk holder, tea cloth, scoop holder, and strainer


  • Cheapest set available
  • Outstanding starter matcha set
  • Made with durable bamboo


  • Minor concerns with the bamboo scoop having a cracked line

Final Thoughts

This is the best Japanese matcha bowl set for enjoying a traditional tea ceremony. The green whisk breaks up the powder well, and the sifter included is a bonus. You will find that this set serves its purpose well.

#8 Best Designed Japanese Matcha Bowl

MYCHA Japanese Chawan Tea Bowl

japanese matcha bowl
The matcha tea bowl has a handcrafted design with a concave shape and small waves on the external surface. With it, you can enjoy a natural pottery touch with an outstanding appearance. Drinking your matcha out of this tea bowl gives you unique and beautiful touch.

The flat inner bottom makes it easy to whisk the powder leaving you with a frothy mocha that is lump-free. So enjoy an authentic ceremonial matcha tea using this original tea bowl. One thing you will feel calm, increase your focus, boost your energy, and burns calories.

Main Features

  • Handcrafted Chawan made of pottery
  • Height 3-inches
  • Diameter 4.6-inches
  • Capacity 16.5 fluid ounce
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Wide selection of colors available


  • Nice big bowl
  • The excellent size that fits comfortably in the hand
  • Reasonable price


  • It would be nice if it had a pour spout

Final Thoughts

This is the best Japanese matcha bowl with enough space to whisk up a matcha latte fast. You will receive it in a gorgeous gift box and beautifully made.

These are the best Matcha Bowls available. While not all of them come from Japan, you can still enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony with any one of them on the list.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Best Japanese Matcha Bowls

What Happens If you Drink Matcha Every Day?

There are no significant side effects when you consume matcha in moderation. However, it does have a high amount of caffeine that could cause insomnia, headaches, irritability, or diarrhea.

Must You Drink Matcha Out of a Bowl?

The best is to sip matcha using a bowl, as it is a sensory experience. You cup the bowl with your hands and bring it up to your lips, breathing in the matcha fumes while sipping.

What is the Best Japanese Matcha Bowl?

The bowl should be at least five inches in diameter and smooth to touch. The Chawan needs to lightweight to pick up to enjoy the sensory experience.

Can I Use a Spoon to Mix Matcha?

You can, but to get a smoother texture, use a special whisk to thoroughly smooth out the powder in a W-motion for five seconds.

Final Thoughts

It helps to have the best Japanese matcha bowls to achieve excellent results for enjoying an exceptional matcha experience. With the Chawan bowls on the list, you can whisk the green tea powder and pouring it into your Japanese Tea Cups. Or you can enjoy your tea directly from the bowl, and it all depends on your how you prefer to drink your tea.