Vegetarian Wok Recipes

3 Vegetarian Wok Recipes

Woks are an incredibly versatile kitchen essential, capable of preparing anything from deep-fried dishes to stir-fries! A quality wok can last a lifetime, so you’ll have countless opportunities to enjoy expanding your Japanese culinary skills. If you’re looking for some vegetarian cooking inspiration, here are our top 3 vegetarian wok recipes that the whole family …

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Spice Crusted Salmon Recipe

About Safe Seafood Seafood is still a superfood, although we have to be more selective about the kinds we eat due to over fishing and problems with polluted waterways. Wild Alaskan salmon is one of the cleanest fish you can eat, far more nutritious than Atlantic or farmed salmon. Spice Crusted Salmon We found this …

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Black Rice Tofu Recipe

Chinese black rice, also known as Chinese Forbidden black rice, is a gorgeous short-grain glutenous rice with a sweet flavor and chewy texture. It turns indigo or deep purple in its cooking liquid and smells slightly grape-like. It can be used for both sweet and savory dishes. Organic roma tomatoes are the absolute perfect cooking …

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