Japanese Shirataki Noodles -The Feast from the East!

Welcome to the home of the shirataki noodles, a traditional Japanese fare that is quickly taking the West by storm. If you’ve never tried these delicious noodles then you’re missing out on a gastronomical voyage that may change your pallet forever. Perfect for those who can’t consumer gluten, don’t want to ingest carbohydrates, or simply would love to lose weight, these noodles afford an incredible array of cooking options for extremely reasonable prices. If you’ve been looking all over your town and simply can’t find them, check out one of the leading online repositories of shirataki noodles at Miracle Noodles. They have worldwide shipping so you can receive their product no matter where you’re located!

Still confused over what shirataki noodles even are? That’s totally okay! Though they’ve been consumed in Japan for generations, much of the western world has had limited to absolutely no contact with this incredible noodle. You won’t find them in most grocery stores and may have to hunt far and wide to find them in a physical store. The best way for you to find them these days is through an online dealer who will be able to ship the product directly to your home. In this method you’ll be able to get your shirataki noodles for a highly competitive price and won’t even have to leave your apartment to satisfy your shirataki noodle fix.

Are shirataki noodles for everyone?

It’s hard to say for this one. Shirataki noodles are definitely an excellent product for most people, especially since they don’t contain any gluten or soy, but they may be a bit strange for some. The Japanese have been eating shirataki noodles for generations without any problem, but sometimes these cultural differences just don’t translate.

You may want to sample a small bit of shirataki noodles before really diving in. If the shirataki noodles have a real impact on your digestive system then they simply may not be for you. Remember, don’t be put off by the odor of the shirataki noodle liquid. This is absolutely normal and has nothing to do with the quality of your shirataki noodles.

So sample some shirataki noodles and see how your body processes them. More likely than not you’ll notice some small changes, but this is probably only because shirataki noodles contain so much fiber and will really change your digestive system. Chances are you haven’t been ingesting enough fiber and the shirataki noodles are actually just doing wonders for your system.

Buy your shirataki noodles today!

Go sample some shirataki noodles and experience this real gastronomical marvel. You’ll be able to experience pasta on a level you never imagined with shirataki noodles. Try them with all of your favorites and you’re sure to become a shirataki noodle convert!

The Magical Miracle Shirataki Noodles

Miracle Noodles is another name for the popular Shirataki noodles. This is not a new product and this has been prevalent in the Asian countries for years.

The Japanese women have relied on this magical noodle variety for over two thousand years to stay slim, healthy and lose weight. If you ever ask the Japanese women for the secret of their healthy and slim body, they will surely tell you about the Miracle Noodles and how they have used it to stay slim. Miracle noodles and weight loss go together when you are on a weight loss diet plan.

Shirataki and Dietary Fiber

We, the people of the western countries know the benefits of dietary fibers and their role in maintaining good health and also for staying slim. But we fail to include enough of it in our diet. The Shirataki Miracle noodle is mainly composed of this essential dietary soluble fiber. They have zero calories, which mean no calories. When you consume Shirataki noodles, there are no calories that find way into your body system and the simple fibers carry out the function of absorption and break down of cholesterol in the body.

Shirataki Low Carb Diet

Miracle Shirataki noodles is produced from a polysaccharide known as Glucomannan. Glucomannan is widely accepted in use as nutritional supplement as it is a dietary fiber. The main reason why people consume dietary fiber on a daily basis is to relieve from constipation. Dieters who are on a low carbohydrate high protein diet have to find some alternative dietary fiber source and Glucomannan supplements serve the purpose. It also performs other useful changes for the human body.

Shirataki is Fat, Starch and Gluten Free

There are several kinds of diets being used by people to lose weight and all of them have the basic focus on reduced calorie intake. Shirataki noodles have zero calories and low carbohydrate content. They are high in dietary fiber and therefore form the best food while on a diet. They will not add to the calorie intake and yet give a stomach full feeling. You can now fight your hunger cravings easily without exceeding the daily calorie limit. They do not contain fat, gluten or starch. Dieters on gluten free diet plan keep searching for gluten free foods and these noodles can be made a part of the daily meal plan.

Truly a Miracle Noodle

It is in recent times that this Shirataki Miracle Noodles is gaining its popularity in the western countries even though it has been used in the Japanese world for over centuries. This popularity is mainly based on the recent findings and proofs for the high efficiency of Miracle Noodles in weight loss and other health benefits.

The manufacturers of Shirataki ’Miracle’ Noodles have customized their noodles to suit those dieters who look for low calorie high dietary fiber containing foods to serve the role while on a strict diet regimen. The advantages of including this fiber substitute in your diet plan are numerous and you can realize it by yourself once you add it into your daily diet plan. Doctors and experts recommend that the body be supplied with the all the essential components while on a diet plan as depriving any component will affect the body adversely.

What’s a one serving of Shirataki?

Each package contains 1-1/3 cups of pasta. The company considers this 3 servings.

FYI: The Miracle Noodles require special handling detailed on the Miracle Noodle web site—including tips for dry roasting in a skillet for a minute so that the noodles will be completely dry and will better absorb the flavor of whatever you add to them.

How do you prepare the noodles?

1. Open the package over a colander (they’re packed in water). Don’t freak out if you detect a slightly fishy odor. That’s normal. It’s from the natural calcium additive they add to the water in the bag to keep the noodles’ shape intact.
2.  Rinse with warm water for approximately 2 to 4 minutes. This eliminates the smell.
3.  Pat dry with a paper towel or small hand towel or dry roast, which only takes a minute or two, to ensure that the noodles will absorb the flavor of what you add to them.

How to dry roast the noodles

The company recommends this procedure to thoroughly dry the noodles before adding a warm or chilled sauce or other flavored ingredients.

1.  Heat a cast iron ( see models here) or non-stick skillet with a little olive oil or cooking spray over high heat.
2.  Add the shirataki noodles and dry roast for about 1 minutes
3.  When the noodles are dry you may hear a speaking noise as you move them.
4.  Drizzle with a little oil or not, or add the stock or sauce you plan to use with a recipe.

If you want to cook the Miracle Noodles

Add them to your sauce, stir fry or other dish at the end of your preparation process.  Heat the noodles for no more than 3 to 5 minutes.  The thicker shape shirataki noodles such as fettucini, rigatoni, lasagna, can withstand more heat than the angel hair, but you still want to watch them. Extended cooking can adversely effect the texture.

Your turn
Let me know what you think if you try their products when you try them. If you try the Miracle Noodles, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.


Please do note that you should consult your doctor or dietician before you go for any dietary weight loss program. The manufacture optimally advise the inclusion of Miracle noodles as a daily meal program as a replacement for one of the three main meals. Try the Shirataki Miracle Noodles today by clicking the link below.