Ochazuke: Japanese Boiled Rice with Tea

 Ochazuke is a very simple and nice Japanese dish. It generally made by pouring green tea or bonito dashi over cooked rice. And we put some topping what we like such as umeboshi (plum pickled), tsukemono (Japanese pickled), seaweed, sesame, tarako(salted cod roe), sea bream sashimi, salmon, wasabi, etc. People eat Ochazuke for a midnight snack, a hangover cure, end of full course meal, or light lunch. …

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homemade japanese sukiyaki recipe

Easy Japanese Sukiyaki Recipe

Today’s Japanese sukiyaki recipe is a cooking experience you will definitely enjoy. Better yet, it’s simple and incredibly delicious. It’s a delicious and traditional Japanese dish which can be enjoyed at any occasion. For the Japanese, Sukiyaki is one of many meals that can be cooked at the table and enjoyed together. During winter months, …

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Sakura Flavored Pink Salts Recipe

   Sakura (cherry blossoms)flavored salts are made by Sakuracha (edible salt pickled cherry blossoms), and it has a cherry blossom’s sweet smell. We used on Tempura (deep fried foods), rice balls, sprinkle over fish, steamed vegetables, noodles, and the other. We can enjoy Sakura flavor easily. If you have an opportunity to get Sakuracha, try and enjoy! It’s really simple …

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