How to Make Easy Matcha Latte

matcha latte

Hello, friends!

Ah the matcha latte… The buzz drink of our modern time, which you can find now in all the coffee shops everywhere!

Although this is a trendy drink, it is delicious and excellent for your overall health.

This emerald green drink is native to Japan. There is even a sacred ceremony that lasts several hours dedicated to it. But here, for our easy recipe, only 5 minutes, a little vegetable milk, matcha tea powder and a whisk will suffice.

The whip (traditionally made of bamboo) is an indispensable tool. It’s used to avoid lumps, but also to make your matcha tea foamy.

You will notice that the foam is not present on all photos you see on internet; this is due, alas to the vagaries of photo shooting… Too much waiting and the foam disappears! Also, don’t do it too much, which is to postpone too much drinking the tea once prepared…so drink it as soon as possible preferably while still warm.

This matcha tea is of course called “latte” because it contains milk. Preferably use almond milk, which gives this drink an incomparable flavour. Otherwise, rice or oat milk will also be very suitable.

With the matcha latte you love it or hate it, the same goes for the matcha tea itself!

The only precaution to take when using matcha, whether for a latte like here or in the pastry is the quality of the matcha tea. It must be excellent quality, which usually costs a quite much and regular consumption could be pricey. But the good news is that it takes very little amount. What makes the price difference between cheap, low qualith and the real premium stuff is basically the method of production. Then there are other parameters such as the origin and choice of the tea trees (tencha leaves, cultivars, etc.), the age of the shoots during the harvest and the use of chemical components or not in the culture.

Matcha is a very fine powder of ground green tea, it is very used as a hot or ice drink but also consumed in Japanese desserts including matcha green tea cake, a delight.

Utensils and ingredients to make a matcha latte

You will need matcha, if possible of premium quality and organic. The matcha green tea is quite expensive (from $10 to $30+ for small package/tin of 20 or 30 grams) but you will see that its taste will be delicious. Here we used an organic matcha tea from a reputable Japanese brand, but you can buy one from other trusted sources, just make sure the matcha is produced in Uji the city of tea in Japan. It could be a little more expensive, but really very good and it’s worth it.

You will also need a whip, here we used a bamboo whip that you can buy here but you can use a classic one.

A large bowl or a mug large enough to mix the matcha easily. If you have neither Bowl nor whip, you can buy a cheap kit here.

Milk, almond milk, rice milk, cow milk … it’s up to you. As matcha is very bitter, you will need sugar to adjust according to your taste and according to the milk used as some are already bitter.

So, here’s the recipe for matcha latte :

For 1 bowl(cup) :

  • 3 g matcha tea
  • 2 to 4 squares of white chocolate (Ivory of Valrhona for example or white chocolate not very sweet, artisanal)
  • 20 ml of hot water at 80°C
  • 60 ml whole milk, soy milk or almond milk according to your preferences

Preparation Steps:

  1. Sieve the tea powder into the tasting Bowl.
  2. Using a knife, cut the white chocolate into thin strips. Put them in the bowl as well.
  3. Pour 10 to 20 ml of hot water at 80°C and stir gently. You have to get a homogeneous rather thick paste.
  4. Finally add the milk heated to 80°C and stir.
  5. It’s ready!

If you also have an espresso machine that can emulsify milk to make foam, it’s even better and will make your latte recipe easier and faster.

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