Japanese Black Pearl Kuro burger with Black Pearl curry Recipe

Beef burger with a black bun

Japanese Black Pearl burger with Black Pearl curry (black curry bread for hamburger) are gaining a lot of attention lately especially at burger king in Japan where they are also known as Kuro Pearl burgers or just Kuro burger and even charcoal burger. So, now lets get to making this exotic black burgers

Preparation: 10 min * Cooking: 10 min • rest time: 1h30 • for 6 people • Difficulty: Easy • All Seasons

Ingredients you will need

bread bun
300 g white wheat flour
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of white sugar
1 teaspoon of poppy seeds
1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds
1 tablespoon Curry Black Pearl
16 g fresh yeast (available from the baker in a cube of 42 )
180 ml milk
60 g butter frozen or soft

1 tablespoon of white sesame (sprinkle on bread))
1 egg yolk
5 tablespoons milk


Note from the chef: unlike the dehydrated yeast known as turbo yeast express, fresh yeast is active when mixed with lukewarm water.

In your food processor, add the flour, fresh yeast (mixed in a little water or warm milk), salt and sugar. Mix at medium speed. One)

Then add the egg yolk, the butter (previously cut into cubes), then the milk. Mix it all up. By slow to fast interval, mix the preparation. This will give the dough more elasticity. Add the squash seeds and Poppy. Then mix.

When you get a soft paste with a certain consistency you can stop (about 10 minutes).
Sprinkle your work surface with flour. Collect the dough from the floor. Sprinkle it with flour and Form Two uniform rolls with the entire paste.
Cut each cylinder into 3 beautiful portions.
We will now make our burger bun loaves. To do this, take each portion in the palm of your hand and then rotate the dough and  rotate them until you have a perfectly round ball.
When the balls are uniform, place them on the tray to be baked.


Using a brush, smear a layer of the egg yolk and milk mixture on each bun.
Sprinkle each bun with white sesame.

You can now cover the tray with a damp cloth.
Place the tray above a heat source (your oven) place in a warm spot.
Let it sit for 1h 30.

Then, bake the bread for about ten minutes until it is ready(this cooking time varies depending on the oven used).
There you go… You have nice little homemade burger buns. Good appetite!

Possible variations: you can make a wholemeal bread using only wholemeal wheat flour. Add some cereal seeds. It’ll be delicious.
In this way it is also possible to flavour your bread as you like, for example by replacing the flour or by adding a spice or pepper.


Charcoal black bread burger bun

(1) Add 1tablespoon of the CURRY BLACK PEARL powder or Sri Lankan Roasted Curry Powder to the flour when blending the mixture.

This dosage gives a good curry taste to the bread and a very black color.

Chef’s tip: There are several ways to make the Black Burger With Black Pearl Curry. Here we add the black curry powder directly to the flour when mixing. We will see in a next recipe a tip to develop the taste of curry by having it simmer in boiling milk before adding it to the preparation.

White Sesame decoration can be replaced by black sesame to have darker color and fit even better the black bun.