Sakuracha: Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea


About Sakura (cherry blossoms) in Japan

Sakura (cherry blossoms) is a special flower for many Japanese people. There is a custom of Hanami (viewing the cherry blossoms) during the season of Sakura bloom coming all over Japan from the end of march to early May. And people also enjoy Sakura (cherry blossoms) motif products and meals in this season. From now on, we’ll tell you about how Japanese people enjoy Sakura.

Sakuracha : Japanese cherry blossom tea

Sakuracha (Sakurayu) is Japanese hot tea made from pickled Sakura and boiled water. It’s really simple and looks beautiful. Soak in water to freshen pickled Sakura, and then, pour the boiled water. It has a nice flavor of Sakura and tasted slightly salty. Sakuracha are drunk on some special occasions like wedding, marriage, and business occasions in place of green tea.

Pickled Sakura

 Pickled Sakura is made from cherry blossoms, plum vinegar, and salt. It’s also used for other meals such as bread (anpan), sweets (sakuramochi, cake, jelly, etc.), rice, and soup. You can get it at some supermarkets and some shops of Japanese tea.
Sakurayu looks so beautiful!