Japanese Tomato Tartare Recipe

Tomato Tartare photo
Photo by Edsel L

Sea lettuce is a delicate, very mild tasting sea vegetable that’s perfect for the sea veg curious, and the squeamish. It’s not the least bit slimy (as sometimes pictured in the minds of the seaweed skeptics) and really needs no preparation, like soaking. Its paper-like, sweet disposition doesn’t compete with whatever you choose to eat it with, rather it compliments other ingredients quite well. Maine Coast Sea Vegetables (I love them), harvester of sea lettuces and many other great sea veggies, is available at Sunfood.com.

This little tartare is so easy, fast, and pretty. Using a food processor,

I (1) finely chopped a pint of sweet grape tomatoes.

(2) Drained them in a seive, transfered to a bowl, and sprinkled liberally with Himalayan garlic sea salt. (3) Added finely minced scallions, a touch of grated ginger, a dousing of Eden Shake, and a drizzle of Eden ponzu.

(4) Spooned a teaspoon of tartare on top of a piece of torn sea lettuce and garnished with meyer lemon zest. Voilà!