Oden, Japanese hotchpotch Soup Recipe

Oden, Japanese hotchpotch is one of a Japanese winter dish. A variety of ingredients are boiled well slowly, calmly seasoned with soy flavored dashi.  Dashi is a soup stock, and It\’s an important element of seasoning.

Dashi broth for Oden (Japanese hotchpotch)

There are several types of Oden stock, like sardine, beef muscle, seaweed, etc.  I usually use kelp, dried bonito, and chicken for Oden stock. It has a perfect umami flavor from them.

Ingredients for Oden (Japanese hotchpotch)

The popular ingredients are tofu, daikon (Japanese radish), chikuwa( fish sausage), konnyaku ( devil\’s-tongue), stuffed cabbage, boiled egg, Suji ( beef tendons), octopus and so on. We can put the ingredients what we like. My favorite ingredients are daikon (Japanese radish) and hanpen (pounded fish cake).
Ingredients of Japanese hotchpotch,Oden.
Japanese hotchpotch in a large pan.
We eat Oden at home, restaurants, food carts, and convenience stores. There are a lot of different Oden variations in Japan. And all types of Oden are a good match with Sake and beer!
Oden, Japanese hotchpotch

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