Best Appetizers With Your Cheese

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We all use cheese in our day to day recipes. As far as it comes to using different types of cheese in assorted recipes, we all are all cheese-savvy. However we lack to appreciate the taste of having cheese as a piece of appetizer. Cheese is eaten rarely on its own. Pairing cheese with Continental recipes accompaniments is an art of a Maitre Fromage, meaning cheese expert or cheese master.

In ancient times, cheese was accompanied with every food item like fruits, side salad and more. This pattern is still followed by the Royal families and people following their traditions. We will highlight some of the best ways to eat cheese with appetizers that will leave your taste buds tempting.

Cheese and Salad: Toss a fresh summer salad with some goat cheese croutons and be ready for a distinct taste. The best way to make this salad is to throw together some romaine lettuce, garden rocket plant, green grapes, beet shreds (roasted), small shallot, Dijon mustard, purple cabbage, fresh parsley and olive oil. For the goat cheese croutons, take cheese cubes. Dip them in olive oil. Make a mix of bread crumbs and nuts and cover the cubes with this mixture. Heat it lightly and place it in a saucer. Your salad accompaniment is ready to serve.

Cheese and Stuffed Mushroom: For the stuffed mushrooms, hand pick Portobello mushrooms and cut the stem. Chop onions and tomatoes. Add soy sauce and a little vinegar to it. Mix all the ingredients well. One can add any meat you want in the mix. Now brush oil on the mushroom caps and heat it on low flame. Put the mixture on the cap with some mozzarella cheese and bake it. Your stuffed mushrooms are now ready to serve hot with gorgonzola cheese cubes as accompaniment. This combo goes well with Sauvignon.

Cheese and Crackers: You can create a whole cheeseboard of various appetizers with crackers. Take your favorite shaped cheeseboard. We chose broad spatula shape. Place a knife, fork and a spoon on a side. Some cheeseboards come with inbuilt cutlery. A cheeseboard will have with diverse flavors and multi-cheese options. Choose a soft, semi hard and hard cheese to place on the board. Cut circles of cheese slices to set it on the crackers. Cut grapes into small rounds and place one portion on each cracker for the tangy and sweet taste. Place bits of walnut around the hard cheese. Position the crackers in a round shape. Cut apple into half and place it on the board near the semi hard cheese. Put a garlic cheese dip and set sausages cut into pieces. Your cheeseboard is ready.

Cheese and Apple Pie: Apple pie recipes are vivid and depend on individual preferences. Bake your favorite recipe of apple pie and place a portion on a plate. Cut a piece of cheddar cheese and position it besides the pie. Put a walnut and cheese dip and your plate is prepared.

Cheese and Cake: A freshly baked fruit cake with figs and almonds is the best accompaniment with cheese. Cut the cake into slices and set them one on another. Drop some honey on the top. Serve with Gouda cheese or mild Swiss cheese and garnish with frozen grapes.