Garlic Pepper Fish Recipe


600g fish fillet

1 tbsp corn flour

Enough oil for deep-frying

Garlic Pepper Fish  photo

Photo by avlxyz

4 cloves garlic, sliced

2 shallots

1 tbsp black peppercorns, crushed

1 tsp chopped bird’s eye chilies; 3 slices ginger; 3 tbsp sesame oil; 1/2 tbsp Shao Hsing Hua Tiau wine; 50g carrot, cut into slices; 5 dried chilies, halved; 2 stalks leeks, use white part only, sliced at a slant

Marinade (A): 2 tsp light Soya sauce, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp Shao Hsing Hua Tiau wine, 1 tbsp egg white, 1 tbsp water.

Sauce (B): 2 tbsp light Soya sauce, 1/8 tsp pepper, 1½ tbsp ginger juice, 1 tbsp black vinegar, 1 tbsp sugar, 1/2 tsp dark Soya sauce, 1 tsp corn flour, 4 tbsp water



Cut fish fillets into 1cm-thick slices. Season with marinade (A) for 15–20 minutes. Just before deep-frying sprinkle with 1 tablespoon of corn flour, slightly mixed. Heat enough oil in a wok, fry the shallot and garlic slices until crispy and golden. Dish out and drain well on crushed paper towels. With the remaining hot oil deep-fry fish slices for 3–4 minutes. Remove and drain from oil. In a clean wok, heat the sesame oil and add the crushed black peppercorns, ginger , bird’s eye chilies and dried chilies. Fry until fragrant then add in sauce (B), carrot and leeks. Stir-fry for 25 to 30 seconds. Return the pre-fried fish into the wok. Fry briefly until well combined. Drizzle in 1/2 tablespoon Shao Hsing Hua Tiau wine and fry until fragrant. Add in the garlic and shallot crisps.

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