The 6 Best Smoker Grill Combo – A Complet Guide

best smoker grill combo
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best smoker grill combo

Whether it is summer or winter, enjoying a BBQ is excellent, from grilling to smoking the meat. But for both, you usually need to separate appliances to achieve great results. But what if we told you that you could enjoy both at the same time?

Yes, you can achieve this with the best smoker grill combos that provide you with both tasks simultaneously.

Yip, we know you can rig your grill into a smoker, making some modifications, but why should you do this if you can have a unit that does both jobs. Are you in a rush? Then we have some top smoker grill combos right here for you to try.

We have compared different features from the temperature range to the hopper capacity. We have also considered the size of the cooking area with the weight for moving it around.

List of the Best Smoker Grill Combos

Do you want the freedom to grill and smoke your food without paying a fortune on multiple devices? Then these smoker grill combos are the best choice available.

#1 Best Budget BBQ Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker   

Royal Gourmet BBQ Smoker Grill Combo

best smoker grill combo  The Royal Gourmet is one of the best BBQ grill smoker combos that charcoal grill lovers appreciate. The price is reasonable and has a sleek black design and should not change its appearance soon with the heat-resistant paint.

The 30″ cooking surface is enormous to invite friends over for a barbecue. The setup is a breeze, and cleaning it is simple. Furthermore, it distributes heat evenly to maintain the correct temperature. Are you a beginner smoker? then you will be impressed with the maintenance-free setup.

There are adjustable handles and vents to control the air for better heat control. You receive two storage racks while the offset smoker lid seals in the performance with outstanding results. For mobility, it has wheels.

Main Features

  • Adjustable heat control
  • Cooking Area: 800 square inches
  • Grill Dimension: 55.1″ H x 48.4″ W x 27.2″ L
  • Weight: 54lbs
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Holds up to 5lbs of charcoal
  • Two wheels for mobility
  • Built-in thermometer


  • Portable and sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple setup


Small charcoal box

Final Thoughts

While many users have complained about the small smoker box and some delivery problems, it remains an excellent choice. The unit is top of the range at an affordable price.

#2 Best Small BBQ Grill Smoker

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

best smoker grill combo For the BBQ smoker who does not entertain big, this Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker comes highly recommended. The barbeque is easy to use while maintaining temperatures well for hours.

While the newer version is miniature and does not smoke full-sized brisket, it provides enough cooking space to feed hungry mouths. The unit works well for campers and RVers or someone with a small family.

One thing sure you will get years of use out of this smoker with its porcelain-enamel coating making it durable for traveling. However, some complaints are that the front door is a bit flimsy and best to be careful when using it.

Yet, the positive is it provides a custom fit to hold your meat for better smoking.

Main Features:

  • Plated steel cooking grates
  • Main Grill Area: 286 square inches
  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Dimension: 14.7″ W x 14.7″ D x 31.4″ H
  • Weight: 24lbs
  • Cooking Grid Dimensions 13 1/2 X 13 1/2″


  • Portable for camping
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


Minor complaints with the front door being flimsy

Final Thoughts

This is a famous charcoal food smoker available on the market. You can use it to smoke anything in your backyard or on trips. While it will not smoke food for a big family, it still makes a delicious BBQ of ribs and chicken.

#3 Best Versatile Grill Smoker Combo    

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

best smoker grill combo

Do you want the best smoker grill? Then you may like this ZPG-450A model from Z Grills. You get versatility using eight cooking methods, offering you a wide selection of cooking options. The unit provides fan-forced convection for cooking, eliminating utilizing a rotisserie.

For this reason, you can use it for grilling, cooking, smoking, and baking. The apparatus has a pellet feed control system with automatic ignition for hassle-free cooking for ease of use. The grill maintains the correct temperature, and you need not monitor it regularly.

You will appreciate the ease of use and cleaning with the waste oil collector, and it features locking caster wheels for transportation. However, it does not include a meat probe but remains a good deal.

Main Features:

  • Fuel Type: Electric and Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Cooking Area: 452 square inches
  • Grill Dimension: 49″ H x 28″ W x 45″ L
  • Weight: 84lbs
  • Power Source: Wood Pellets
  • Pellet Hopper Capacity: 15lbs
  • Foldable working shelf


  • Different cooking methods
  • Wheels for transport
  • Easy to clean
  • Large cooking area


Not easy to assemble

Final Thoughts

The combo grill smoker makes for an exceptional piece of equipment to have if you cater to large groups of people. It is easy to use and clean, saves you time, and you can prepare some delicious foods for the family to enjoy.

#4 Best Combo Grill Smoker   

Traeger TFB57GZEO Pro Series

best smoker grill comboAre you concerned about the environment when grilling or smoking? Then you will find this wood smoker grill combo an exceptional unit to have. Furthermore, you get versatility, making it a worthwhile investment.

You can cook your food slow, hot, fast, take your pick as it has six cooking options from braising to grilling. Another exceptional feature is the built-in digital elite controller to keep a constant grilling temperature.

Moreover, it has a LED display for reading the temperature and monitoring the cooking process. Ease of use is outstanding by setting the time frame and temperature while the unit does the rest.

Main Features:

  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Cooking Area: 575 square inches
  • Grill Dimension: 27″ H x 41″ W x 27″ L
  • Easy to use controls
  • Temperature controller
  • Electronic auto-start ignition
  • Locking caster wheels


  • Durable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile to use


It does not cook well when used at high temperatures

Final Thoughts

The Traeger Texas is one of the best smoker grill combos making it an elite choice for large families. The ease of cleaning and use with the wide selection of cooking provided is something that all users love.

#5 Best Electric Smoker Grill Combo      

Masterbuilt 30 Electric Smoker

best smoker grill combo Now, if you want the best grills for smoking, this vertical smoker powered with an electric heating element may just be what you need. You feed it with wood chips at the bottom, releasing heat and smoke into the smoking chamber.

The meat cooks slowly over a low temperature to give it a smoky flavor. Furthermore, if you live in an apartment, the small design works well on the veranda outside. It comes with an electric heating element that is easy to start and control.

The electric smoker grill combo comes with an integrated thermostat for consistent heat and has a digital control panel for monitoring and use. The wood chip loading system sits on the side without the need to open the door. Moreover, the door seals tight with the lock in place to prevent heat loss.

Main Features

  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Cooking Area: equipped with four smoking racks
  • Grill Dimension: 33″ H x 20″ W x 19″ L
  • Power Source: Electrical
  • Weight: 45.9lbs
  • Digital control and temperature
  • Wood chip loading system on the side
  • 90-Day Warranty  


  • Easy to set
  • Latched door
  • Simple to load the chips


It comes with simple racks, and you will not be able to use it with power outages.

Final Thoughts

While many people believe in using charcoal for grilling and smoking, the Masterbuild is an exception. It is one of the best electric grill and smoker combos that is easy to use, clean, and controls the temperature well.

#6 Best Propane Smoker Grill

Cuisinart Propane Grill & Smoker

best smoker grill combo  You must agree that grilling and smoking do not come to your mind when looking at the Cuisinart brand. They make the best kitchen appliances and are relatively new in the outdoor cooking market. However, this propane smoker with its vertical design is pretty impressive.

The unit comes with a twist-lock door that seals tight to keep the heat inside. You find the propane burner at the bottom to heat the porcelain racks with a wood chip tray and water pan. Further, it has a 5.45 cubic feet smoking chamber with four smoking racks.

There is a 40-inch propane hose with a regulator attached with a durable mounted bottle opener on the side. You can smoke pretty much anything inside but do need a long preheating session. The drip and wood tray remove for cleaning, but the grease can quickly build up on the probe.

Main Features

  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Grill Dimension: 46″ H x 20″ W x 20″ L
  • Power Source: Propane
  • Weight: 40lbs
  • Cooking Capacity: 5.45 square feet
  • Removable stainless steel grids
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Adjustable gas supply
  • Twist-lock door and handle


  • Easy to remove the wood chip and water pan
  • It comes with a regulator and hose
  • Three-year Warranty


The hose is a bit short and has no natural gas conversion kit

Final Thoughts

While this grill smoker combo might not be old school to the BBQ users, it provides you with a quality unit. The price is competitive and comes with all the features you need to grill and smoke food.

We hope that you find the best grill and smoker combo here with us. Each model offers you different features made for small to large families to enjoy making delicious foods.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Best Smoker Grill Combo  

What’s The Difference Between a Grill and a Smoker

A grill sears food at high temperatures while a smoke works at low temperatures slowly.

What Features Should I Consider When Buying a Smoker Grill Combo?

Decide on the fuel source you want to use from electric, propane, charcoal, or wood.

How well is the unit insulated as it helps to retain the correct heat?

What added features do you need WiFi connectivity, Alexa-enabled built-in probe, and more.

Check the cooking area available to cater to small to larger groups.

How Do I Add a Smoky Taste to My Food?

For a smoky taste, preferably use a pellet smoker.

How Long Will It Take to Prepare Food in a Smoker Grill?

When cooking meat, it depends on the type and thickness of the meat. Using thicker cuts takes up to eight hours, while other foods take less time.

How Long Does it Take to Warm Up?

The average time is up to 45-minutes. 

Final Thoughts

On our list of the best smoker grill combos, there are three that stand out. The Traeger Texas is one of the best all-around grill smoker combos. The setup is easy, and it is easy to use with the digital controller. For small spaces, the Weber comes highly recommended and works well for small families and cookouts. While the Z Grill offers you versatility in cooking and gives more than most of the other combo grills with a smoker.

Grilling is also a great way to make authentic Japanese food, Japanese people believe that grilled dishes are the best way to test and highlight the skills of a chef.