Gari (Japanese Pickled Ginger) for Sushi Recipe


Gari is the Japanese pickled ginger. Gari is usually served and eaten between dishes of sushi for cleansing our palate. It also means preventing bad influence by the great antiseptic and bactericidal action of ginger and vinegar.

In the summer, It’s the season of young ginger in Japan. Fresh young ginger looks whiter, has a softer texture, taste milder than old ginger. It’s suitable for making Gari.

Chopped Gari is used for many types of sushi, like inarizuhi, chirashizushi, oshizushi, etc. Let’s try!

Recipe: Gari (Pickled Ginger)




• 9-10 ounces (250-300g) fresh young ginger

For marinade

• 2 tabs salt
• 5 tabs sugar (use your favorite sweetness)
• 2 cups rice vinegar


1. Wash the ginger well, and slice the ginger thinly with slicer. Don’t peel.


2. Boil the water in the pan. Put sliced ginger into the pan, boil them only 30 seconds.

3, Wipe the moisture well with a paper towel or dry the ginger for a while.

4, Make the marinade. Put the vinegar, salt, and sugar into the pan, boil and melt them. Put the ginger slices and marinade into the clean bottle. It may be ready to eat in 3 days. And the color will change to light pink. It can be saved for a month or more in the fridge.

• If you can’t find young ginger, you can use the old ginger which peeled away.
• If you use the sterilized bottle by boiling, Gari can be saved for 6 months or more.


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