How to make Dashi stock (Japanese fish broth) Recipe


Dashi is the base for many Japanese cuisine such as miso soups, noodles, vegetable dishes and so on. It’s really simple and easy, but very important elements for making Japanese food. There are several types of Dashi stock in Japan. But basic Dashi generally made from kombu seaweed and dried bonito.



Recipe Japanese Dashi stock

* 5×10㎝ piece kombu seaweed
* 1 cup shaved dried bonito (15g)
* 4 cups water (800ml)
  1. Cut the kombu seaweed into 2㎝ by using kitchen scissors(Don’t wash kombu, because washing it would remove the umami. )
  2. Put the 4 cups of water into a pot with Kombu. And let it sit for 30minutes and more. ( You can make it in the last evening, and it can be placed overnight in the refrigerator.)
  3. Heat at low temperature until it starts to simmer, then take out the kombu. And turn off the heat after hot water boils.
  4. Put the dried bonito into the pan. Let it set until dried bonito sinks. After that, take out the dried bonito with a strainer or a skimmer.



Dashi broth has a clear golden color and umami smell. It contained perfect ‘umami’ from kombu’s glutamine acid and dried bonito’s inosinic acid. Dashi broth will give you the best results for making Japanese dishes!