Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll) Recipe


Temaki sushi (Temaki-Zushi) is hand rolled sushi, rolled corn-shape of nori (seaweed) wrapped rice and fillings that you like. It’s one of the great food for entertaining. We love Temaki sushi (hand roll sushi), it’s so delicious, easy and fun to make. We need just sushi rice, nori and cut fillings. People make their own hand rolls that they like. There are many varieties of fillings, so you can enjoy arranging your fillings on a plate of yourself. Have a fun!


Recipe: Temaki sushi (2-3servings)


• 2 cups cooked sushi rice (see  Sushi Rice Recipe)
• 10 sheets of nori


• Fresh sashimi (raw fish) of your choice
(Salmon, tuna, shrimps, scallop, yellowtail, salmon roe…)
• Tamago yaki (Japanese omelette) (see Tamagoyaki Recipe)
• Vegetables of your choice
( shiso leaves, cucumber, sprouts, radish, avocado, mango….)
• Meats or another of your choice (optional)
( Teriyaki chicken, beef steak, cheese…)

Sauce & toppings 

• Soy sauce
• Wasabi
• Sesame seeds (optional)
• Umeboshi (optional)


1, Make the sushi rice (see Sushi Rice Recipe).
2, Slice the all sashimi tight and thin.
3, Cut the nori in quarter.
4, Place the sushi rice and fillings on the plate. That’s all for preparation.

Eating steps

1,  Place the nori on the palm of your hand (shiny side down). Put a super thin layer of sushi rice and shiso leaves or other vegetable.
2, Put the piece of sashimi that your choice into the soy sauce and wasabi, and lay it.
3, Put other sauce, toppings, and fillings like vegetables, sesame seed, and salmon roe, etc.
4, Roll it up into a cone shape.
• Choice the super fresh sashimi! If some sashimi isn’t fresh, taste will be down.
• If you can’t roll it perfectly, don’t mind that.  Have a fun!

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