Sakura Onigiri (Cherry Blossom Rice Balls) Recipe

Onigiri (rice balls) 

Japanese onigiri (rice balls) are simple and casual foods made from hot rice. They are popular foods from children to adults in Japan. People usually eat rice balls for breakfast, Bento (lunch box), or snack. You can buy them at the convenience stores, some supermarkets and specialized onigiri shops in Japan. And you can find various fillings of Onigiri (rice balls). When You cook rice balls at home, you can put in the filling that you like. Popular fillings are salmon, tarako (salted cod roe), Mentaiko (spicy cod roe), ume (pickled plum), tuna, etc…

Sakura onigiri (cherry blossom rice balls)

Sakura rice balls need sakuracha (pickled Sakura) for fillings. They have a romantic and beautiful pink color, and a hearty flavor of Sakura. They are prepared sometimes for Hanami (cherry blossom festival). It’s really simple and easy to make.

Recipe: Sakura Onigiri rice balls

Ingredients (6 portions)

Sakura Onigiri

* 3 and 1/2cups (about 400g, 14 ounces) Steaming hot rice
* 3 tbsp sakuracha (pickled Sakura)
* 1 bunch green leaf vegetable, If desired
* 2 cups water
* salt, as needed


1, Wash the sakuracha and put it into 2cups water for 3minutes.

Sakura Onigiri

2, Wipe the moisture and chop Sakura into fine pieces. Chop the green vegetable and put the pinch of salt in it. Knead well and wipe the moisture.

3, Mix the fillings with steaming hot rice.

4, Divide rice into sixth.

5, Wet both hands with water and add a little bit salt. Squeeze the rice ball into the desired shape like triangular, round, oval, or cylindrically.

Enjoy the lovely smell of Sakura !