Japanese Yuzu: Citrus Fruit


Yuzu is a citrus fruit originating in East Asia. Yuzu’s surface is uneven and it has a nice aromatic flavor different from other citrus flavor. In Japan, It used a variety of ways for cuisines, cosmetics, fragrance, bath, and so on.

Yuzuyuyuzu in the bath

There is a custom that called Yuzuyu. People take a bath with yuzu on the winter solstice called Toji. Floating yuzu fruits in the bath, and enjoying their strong aromatic flavor. It’s said to moisturize the skin, and warm the body. It has an aromatic flavor. The smell of Yuzu makes you feel relax, and comfortable.

Yuzu for cuisines

In Japan, It used for many types of meals like drink (tea, juice), sweets (wagashi, cake, etc.), rice, soup, salad, noodle, meat, and fish. Yuzu’s flavor is a good match with washoku (Japanese cuisine).

White radish mix with peel of Yuzu.
Japanese salad in the Yuzu cup