Daifuku: Rice Cake Stuffed with Sweet Beans Recipe


This is a Daifuku. Daifuku is a Japanese confection that small rice cake stuffed with mainly sweet bean paste. There are several varieties of Daifuku like  mugwort (yomogi daifuku), strawberry (ichigodaifuku), azuki beans  (mame daifuku ), salty taste, and Japanese apricot and so on.
A few days ago, I bought Strawberry daifuku, Mame daifuku, and Kusa daifuku at one of my favorite rice cake shop ” Echigo Turuya ” in Tokyo. The rice cake of ” Echigo Turuya ” is very soft and inner bean jam isn’t too sweet. It’s exquisite sweetness. I love this soft texture and moderate sweetness. Echigo Turuya is a tiny rice cake shop, and the craftsman makes them one by one from every morning.

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