Ochazuke: Japanese Boiled Rice with Tea

 Ochazuke is a very simple and nice Japanese dish. It generally made by pouring green tea or bonito dashi over cooked rice. And we put some topping what we like such as umeboshi (plum pickled), tsukemono (Japanese pickled), seaweed, sesame, tarako(salted cod roe), sea bream sashimi, salmon, wasabi, etc.
People eat Ochazuke for a midnight snack, a hangover cure, end of full course meal, or light lunch. There are ready-made ochazuke packets at the supermarket in Japan. So people can use it easily for eating Ochazuke. It’s very easy and good taste, too, but different taste of cooking it at home.
Kyoto pickles, Senmaizuke, and Takuanzuke.
Some of Japanese pickles are good match with Ochazuke. We prefer bonito dashi to simple hot water, so we usually eat Ochazuke pouring mixed bonito dashi and green tea. It’s really good taste.