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Download all wallpapers A night of camping on the side of Mt.Fuji snack stand in chinatown- yokohama Sushi Party Meguro River, Matsuno, Japan Pennywort mixing green beans with matcha cream Download all wallpapers 4) BONUS: 2 ASIATIC VIDEO RECIPES (Yakitori & Yakisoba) Japanese recipe 1: Yakitori Skewers (Village cooking recipe) (Download) Yakitori (Japanese: 焼き鳥) (literally …


Japanese mayonnaise (Kewpie) and Easy Homemade Mayo Recipe

What is Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise Kewpie mayonnaise was introduced to Japan in 1925 and since then its popularity has increased tremendously. Originally, Toichiro Nakashima invented this mayonnaise after several culinary trips to the United States. At the time, the Japanese were not familiar with mayonnaise at all, so Toichiro changed the recipe accordingly by increasing …

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Vegetarian Wok Recipes

3 Vegetarian Wok Recipes

Woks are an incredibly versatile kitchen essential, capable of preparing anything from deep-fried dishes to stir-fries! A quality wok can last a lifetime, so you’ll have countless opportunities to enjoy expanding your Japanese culinary skills. If you’re looking for some vegetarian cooking inspiration, here are our top 3 vegetarian wok recipes that the whole family …

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Lobster Miso Ramen Recipe

In this recipe, we will take some leftover meat from lobster to make a quick and very decadent miso ramen. Of course, you can use whatever you have in the fridge for this dish. We like miso for it’s distinct flavor and quick preparation. It’s an excellent ingredient in vegan cooking since it packs so …

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homemade japanese sukiyaki recipe

Easy Japanese Sukiyaki Recipe

Today’s Japanese sukiyaki recipe is a cooking experience you will definitely enjoy. Better yet, it’s simple and incredibly delicious. It’s a delicious and traditional Japanese dish which can be enjoyed at any occasion. For the Japanese, Sukiyaki is one of many meals that can be cooked at the table and enjoyed together. During winter months, …

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Sakura Flavored Pink Salts Recipe

   Sakura (cherry blossoms)flavored salts are made by Sakuracha (edible salt pickled cherry blossoms), and it has a cherry blossom’s sweet smell. We used on Tempura (deep fried foods), rice balls, sprinkle over fish, steamed vegetables, noodles, and the other. We can enjoy Sakura flavor easily. If you have an opportunity to get Sakuracha, try and enjoy! It’s really simple …

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