Sakura Flavored Pink Salts Recipe


 Sakura (cherry blossoms)flavored salts are made by Sakuracha (edible salt pickled cherry blossoms), and it has a cherry blossom’s sweet smell. We used on Tempura (deep fried foods), rice balls, sprinkle over fish, steamed vegetables, noodles, and the other. We can enjoy Sakura flavor easily. If you have an opportunity to get Sakuracha, try and enjoy! It’s really simple to make it.

Recipe: Sakura flavored salts


* 3 tbsp sakuracha ( pickled cherry blossoms )


*  microwave oven
*  mortar (something for grinding)
1, Put the sakuracha on a flat plate. Heat with a microwave oven until  sakuracha get crispy. ( Heating time is about 3 minutes on a 800W microwave oven. Please change the heating time by heating temperature! )
2, Remove the stem from the crispy sakuracha.
3, Grind crispy sakuracha in a mortar.
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