Usuyaki Tamago (Egg Crepe) & Kinshi Tamago (Shredded Omelet) for Sushi Recipe

Usuyaki Tamago (Japanese egg crepe) is a thin omelet that is used for wrapping Temari Sushi. Kinshi Tamago is shredded egg crepe that used for Bento, Donburi, Hiyahsi-Chuka (cold ramen noodles) and some sushi, like Chirashi Sushi, Oshizushi, etc… They have fluffy and light texture, and colored dishes brightly. Usuyaki Tamago and Kinshi Tamago is the same way to make. Making them is similar to making a thin pancake. First, make the thin omelet like crepes, and then, shred thin omelet. That’s it! It’s really simple to make. You can enjoy colorful and fluffy Kinshi Tamago and Usuyaki Tamago

Recipe: Usuyaki Tamago (egg crepe) & Kinshi Tamago (shredded omelet)


Ingredients (3 serves)
* 3eggs
* 2 pinch salt
* 2 pinch sugar
1. Beat eggs, salt and sugar thoroughly.
2. Heat the pan, and pour the oil. Wipe the extra oil with a small piece of paper towel (save the towel for later). Pour one ladle egg mixture, and spread them quickly over medium heat.
3. Turn the omelet the other way, when the surface dry, and fry the other side for only 10 seconds. Take care not to break the omelet, because omelet is very thin and delicate.
4. Remove from the pan, and let it cool on the board. Repeat the process from 2 to 4 to cook two more omelet crepes.  Apply the paper towel that used to absorb. If you make a Usuyaki Tamago, It’s done. If you make Kinshi Tamago, proceed to the next.
Japanese egg crepe
5. Stack the three sheets of omelet, and cut them into three equal parts.
6. Stack the three equal parts.
7. Cut the omelet into thin strips.
And your delicious egg crepe shredded omelet is ready!


* The non-stick pan is better to make kinshitamago.
* If you want smooth texture and color, strain the egg mixture before frying.
* If you worried about breaking thin omelet, add the 1/2tbsp potato starch or cornstarch mixed with 1 tbsp water into egg mixture. And if you can’t turn the omelet over, please lid on the pan in the process 2. So you don’t need to turn it over.
* It’s important that they look without imparting baked color, So don’t heat the pan too much. If you heat it excessively, transfer the pan on top of the wet towel to stop browning.


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