Takoyaki ( octopus dumplings) Recipe

Takoyaki is a ball shaped Japanese snack. It’s a food that is familiar to many Japanese people. We can eat takoyaki in some supermarkets and some festivals. We can get frozen takoyaki, too. Recently, there are many various of takoyaki flavor in Japanlike cheese, ponzu( Japanese sauce with soy sauce
and citrus vinegar), and so on.
I sometimes make takoyaki at home. Material of takoyaki is simple. We generally need octopus, flour, egg, pickled ginger, and leek.
Takoyaki are made on a special plate for takoyaki.
First, We mix with eggs and flour. And then, pour batter into the pan and drop the ginger and octopus into each batter.
Finally, spread sauce and add mayonnaise and aonori (green laver).