Fresh Creamy Yuba: Bean Curd Skin


Yuba is a bean curd skin that made from soy milk. In the process of making tofu, skin forms on the liquid surface of the boiling of soy milk. The skin forms are removed from the soy milk very carefully, because yuba is so delicate thin skin form.
There are three basic Yuba forms such as fresh, half-dried, and dried. These three forms has different texture and taste, and eaten by different ways of cooking. We recommend you that fresh Yuba as sashimi, half-dried Yuba as tempura or steamed food, and dried Yuba as soup, etc.
Japanese fresh yuba called ‘kumiage yuba
Dried yuba
Fresh Yuba is similar taste to tofu. But it’s so creamy and It has a nutty deeper flavor than tofu. If you like Tofu and soy milk, you may like it as well. You can eat fresh yuba at the some Japanese restaurants, and you can also get fresh yuba at the some supermarkets in Japan.