Best 7 Iwachu Cast Iron Products Made in Japan

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iwachu cast iron
Iwachu is a Japanese brand selling high quality and well-designed “Cast iron” products that are widely used all over the world. Their kitchen products range from pans to cutlery to kettles and many more cookware items. They are made up of good quality iron, silicon, and carbon cast in a mold.

Iwachu Cast iron materials are known for their exceptional durability. Cast iron stays hot for longer duration and it is always helpful to keep the food warm as it holds heat in it for a specific time. It becomes better whenever a pan is used for seasoning. As during the cooking there is a little amount of iron absorbed into the food.

Following are the features and details of the best 7 IWACHU cast iron products:

  1. Iwachu Iron Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan, Black
  2. Iwachu Iron Omelette Pan, Medium
  3. Iwachu Nanbu Ironware Grill Pan
  4. Iwachu Cast Iron Teapot, traditional Arare Design
  5. Iwachu  Cast Iron Teapot, artisan Iron Tetsubin Teardrop
  6. Iwachu Cast Iron Iron Tetsubin Square Teapot
  7. Iwachu Cast Iron Genghis Khan Grill Pan

1. Iwachu Iron Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan, Black

iwachu cast iron

Named over the famous Japanese dish, Tamagoyaki (See Tamagoyaki recipe here) , it is a black Iwachu cast iron rectangle-shaped pan used mainly for cooking eggs and rolled omelets.

It can also make other dishes for breakfast or bento like a rectangular tortilla or simply to sauté vegetables. Its special rectangular shape can be utilized in different ways.

It comes in black color and rectangular shape with dimensions of 14.25 x 6 x 1.25 inches. The pan is easy to carry with a weight of 2.7 pounds (1.22 kilograms). The measurements include a wooden handle as well.


  • It is a five-star product with a rectangular shape, making certain dishes like a rolled omelette.
  • The smooth and non-stick surface of Iwachu cast iron is worth-buying.
  • It has a supreme quality that captures heat well and in a uniform manner.
  • The wooden handle makes it easy to grip and is insulating in nature.
  • It is light-weight and looks catchy to the eye.
  • The quality is up to the mark and is much sustainable, and lasts longer without wearing away, unlike other kitchen products.


  • The rectangular shape and small size make it limited to only a few numbers of dishes.
  • Leaves behind black residues (that are fats polymerized on the pan) eventually go away after washing and wiping.
  • Needs care and gentle use, or else the surface might wear off, must be maintained. Works fine with a maximum of two eggs only.
  • The wooden handle may deteriorate with time.


The users generally liked the product; many admire the Iwachu cast iron quality and say it is much different and better than the usual Chinese cast iron pans.

Some only complain of small size and mention that little care is needed as it leaves behind temporary residues. The handle can also be removed, and the users even use it in an oven.


The rectangular iwachu cast iron is a perfect pan for making rolled omelettes, liked by almost all users. The quality is great, and the size is cute. The grip is nice and is much handy. It only needs to be wiped to remove the oily dirt on it after cooking.

2.     Iwachu Iron Omelette Pan, Medium

iwachu cast ironIt is a simple and decent Iwachu cast iron pan in medium size, making eggs and omelettes specifically. One can also make pancakes on it. The shape is round and plain, which is a great characteristic.

Round and curvy, the Japanese iron omelette pan is having a diameter of 8.5 inches and Dimensions of 14.5 x 8.38 x 1.75. It has a handle made of special plastic-like material.


  • The dimensions make it perfect for making a nice, fluffy omelette or a simple fried egg and even pancake or steak very conveniently.
  • Other such dishes can also be made as the surface is round and smooth so that the batter doesn’t stick to its surface that is tough and durable.
  • It is designed so that the heat spreads perfectly and food is not left under cooked or overcooked.


  • The size is too small, only a maximum of 2 eggs can fit, and the flat surface is smaller than it seems.
  • There is no insulating material for the handle, and that is also a drawback.
  • It cannot be used in a versatile manner to make several items, just a very few.


The users love it but only to make an omelette and nothing else. The usage is limited, and the size is compact but too small. A user also complained of it not being too deep.


Round in shape, this Iwachu cast iron pan is a perfect fit for making omelettes and makes the task extremely suitable but has limitations due to size. It very nicely spreads the heat all over the pan, and the quality of this Japanese product is very awesome.

3. Iwachu Nanbu Ironware Grill Pan (Wooden Grip) 

iwachu cast ironThis one is a grill pan made up of Iwachu cast iron that is durable and inflexible. The pan is used to grill steaks and even vegetables, adding a smoky flavor to food, perfect for a barbecue.

This pan has a grill pattern over its round surface and comes in black color. It has dimensions of 11.34 x 10.83 x 2.4 inches or 44.5 x 25.5 x 6 cm.

The weight is approximately 1880 grams (1.8 kilograms). The pan has a wooden handle and a small slit in the pan for tongs.


  • This pan is perfect for grilling foods like beef, steaks, and vegetables or even making a grilled sandwich and has the perfect pattern.
  • This can be a go-to thing for someone who is diet conscious as the pan doesn’t need much oil to grill stuff and heats food perfectly due to its excellent quality.
  • It leaves amazing grill-marks on food and has a perfect amount of space on it. The wooden handle is also very nice for holding it.


  • The pan is a little too heavy, and it doesn’t give the same taste as a charcoal grill.
  • The pan is difficult to clean due to the circular ridge and is not appropriate for dishwasher use.


The users are delighted with this grill pan but only say that it is tiresome to clean it. They are happy with how it cooks the food, leaving behind the grill marks and turns the food perfectly brown. The handle can be removed to be used in the oven, too, but it isn’t safe for dishwashing.


The Japanese Iwachu grill pan is an amazing addition to the kitchen as it grills foods like sausages in a great manner and works perfectly for a barbecue. The size is good, and the pattern on it is nice, only that the pan is difficult to wash and is a little heavy.

4.     Iwachu Japanese Traditional Arare Design Cast Iron Teapot with Filter 330 ml Black 

iwachu cast iron

This one is a rare kind of Cast iron teapot used to make different kinds of teas if one doesn’t want to compromise on tea quality.

It is a black-colored teapot with high-quality Iwachu cast iron on its inside, and on the outer surface is a unique kind of pattern with small blobs.

The teapot has a capacity of 330ml or 0.3 ml and has a small lid and a strainer. The dimensions are 5.51 x 5.35 x 3.07 inches and a weight of 2.16 pounds.


  • It comes with a big handle to carry it and a strainer on the inside, which is removable.
  • It is eye-catchy and has a beautiful pattern on its surface.
  • The teapot is light-weight and gives an amazing taste to the tea because of the super quality cast iron on the inside.
  • It is safe to use and is public health certified.


  • The kettle can only occupy a small amount of tea in it.
  • After multiple washes, it might lose the smooth finishing it has on the inside.


Most of the teapot users are very pleased to use it and say it is much durable and are using it for a long time.

They appreciate the beautiful shape and pattern and say it helps make a very nice tea, especially herbal tea. They only complain of the wearing-out of the inside surface after some washes. Else it is perfect.


This Japanese cast iron teapot is a unique add-on to kitchen items, making a delicious tea and looks pretty cool. It has a capacity of 330 ml only. Boiling water in it is good for health, and it retains heat for a long time.

5.     Iwachu Japanese Artisan Iron Tetsubin Teardrop Teapot, 23-Ounce, Matte Black

iwachu cast ironThis Iwachu Japanese cast iron teapot has a beautiful design and a satin matte black finish, which is used to make, store and serve tea. It is compact and is made particularly free of rust.

The teapot is presentable and convenient to use. These teapots are an invention by the Japanese to make teas that are mostly hand-made by the well-known craftsmen called “Kamashi.”

This teapot has matte black color and has a round body that holds up to 23 ounces of tea and has 8 x 5 x 3.75 inches.

The teapot is made in Japan and has a small lid and a round handle to safely. It comes with a removable stainless steel mesh infuser basket and is made to be free of rust.

The weight is 3.08 pounds.


  • This teapot looks compact, sturdy, and beautiful, free of rust, and a strainer made of stainless steel that can be removed.
  • The matte black finish is too fascinating.
  • It is easy to clean and makes the tea super-fast, and makes it easy to pour.
  • The interior is of high quality that doesn’t wear out with time.


  • The teapot cannot be used directly on the flame and has a tiny size.
  • The weight is a little more than the size.


The users love using it, and all of them seem to be satisfied even if unable to use it directly on the flame. They love the design, color, small size, and quality of it. The users praise the way it pours tea without letting it drip, unlike most of the teapots. Some use it in cafes and say it can make up to 2.5 cups of tea.


This Iwachu cast iron teapot is an aesthetic, supreme quality teapot with a traditional Japanese style and does not allow rust on it. The size is smart and easy to handle, but it is not fit for a direct open flame, and the size is minimal.

6.     Iwachu Japanese Artisan Iron Tetsubin Square Teapot, 42-Ounce, Antique Brown

iwachu cast ironThis antique teapot made of Japanese cast iron is used to make teas of different sorts and comes with a lid and a removable mesh basket made of stainless steel.

The design is intricate and beautiful, and the quality of cast iron is very nice. The dimensions are 5.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches and have a capacity of 42 ounces. The teapot is brown in color. The weight is pretty good, only 3.94 pounds.


  • The teapot is made up of rust-free material and comes with a stainless-steel strainer basket that can be removed.
  • The size is much bigger than the rest of the Japanese teapots, and the design is beautiful.
  • The inner surface of the teapot is made to be sustainable and free of rust.


  • It is not fit for an open flame and doesn’t have much room for tea in it.
  • The handle breaks away and is of poor quality.


The users like the shape, color, and design of the teapot and the quality of Iwachu cast iron but complain of the handle that doesn’t have excellent quality.

Some users also complain about the price but say it is worth the price. The users say it holds heat well and makes the tea taste better.


The Japanese premium quality Iwachu cast iron teapot is eye-catchy and retains heat really well. The users really like making tea in it due to its rust-free nature and compact size.

7.     Iwachu Cast Iron Genghis Khan Grill Pan, Black

iwachu cast iron

This special teapot has a raised round surface made of Iwachu cast iron with triangular patterns or ridges for grilling different foods like lambs and vegetables.

It is also used for making Kalbi and other such dishes that use marinades. The pan is named after Genghis Khan as it is very famous that lamb was one of the favorite most foods of Mongolian soldiers.

The grill pan is round and convex, i.e., the inner surface is raised with ridges and has dimensions of 11.25 x 11.5 x 2 inches and 6.36 pounds, so it is light in weight and is spacious enough.


  • The pan is of extremely high quality, and the intricate ridges on it let the excess fats and oils pour off.
  • The pan is durable and made with great precision to allow better grilling and cooking of meat and other foods and cooks them deep from the inside.
  • It can be used as both pan and a pot too


  • The pan is a bit too pricey and can only be used for grilling a certain number of food items only.
  • It can’t be used on an induction stove and is a bit tricky to place on a burner.


The users complain about the price but mention that it is value for money as the pan cooks food really well and is a unique kind of pan for grilling. The users praise its quality and say that it can grill meat and vegetables simultaneously due to its versatile action.


This convex and round grill pan are perfect for grilling meat and vegetables. The quality is excellent, and the ridges make it easy to cook, allowing the excess fats to pour off. The size is good and is light in weight, and heats evenly in an amazing manner, cooking the food from the inside.


Is there any way that can help to use this material for longer period of time?

Yes, you can take care of your IWACHU cast iron products by washing with the help of water only and use dry cloth for the outside material.

Does the product contain Removable infuser?

It contains a big wide stainless-steel infuser.

Final Verdict

With this we conclude that among the pans the most favorite pan is the Ghengis Khan Pan as it is versatile and allows the excess fats shed away.It is the one with the best rating and almost all the comments are in favor.

Among the teapots the most liked by the users is the Iwachu Cast Iron Teapot, traditional Arare Design loved by all.

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