Setsubun – Let’s Eat Ehou-Maki (Japanese Sushi Roll)


About Setubun

Setsubun is the Japanese beans scattering ceremony. In Japan, February 3rd is Setsubun that means a day before the beginning of spring. From an old custom of Japan, it was thought that disasters and illness did by the demon and people carried out the extermination of fiends on the day before the beginning of spring. After entering the modern age, people became to performing beans scattering ceremony.
 On this day, people yell “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi ( Out with ogres!  In with fortune!)” while throwing soy beans inside and outside their homes. Someone wears a demon mask and does a demon’s role while throwing soybeans. And eating only the same number of soybeans as one’s age to pray for good health of this year. Children like this bean throwing ceremony. In my house, my husband role a Damon, and my son enjoyed throwing soybeans.

Ehou-maki (sushi roll)

There are several traditional meals in Setubun. Most popular one is a lucky-direction big sushi roll called Ehou-maki. We turn to the lucky direction of this year, and bite whole sushi roll. The lucky direction this year is east-northeast. I also made sushi rolls, and other traditional meals such as sardines with plum, fried konnyaku, etc.

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